Can you shoulder a large bowler?

  1. I want to get a large bowler but want to be able to put it on my shoulder? I'm pretty petite, but just wondering anyone has done it?
  2. I can wear both small & large bowlers on my shoulder, however, they are meant to be used as hand bags. Bowler is quite fat & structured, wearing it on the shoulder is quite awkward. =)
  3. bag.lover is right, because the straps are short the bag sits right under your arm (as opposed to, say, down by your side) so with a bag of this shape it's like carrying a shoe box under your arm.
  4. I have the large Ursula bowler and it is quite awkward over the shoulder. But it's a great bag nonetheless!
  5. Can't agree more with all of you!:P
  6. i have the small bowler and i can fit it on my shoulder. but the larger size is much more boxy and the depth is more than the small bowler, so i think it'd be too bulky and look funny.
  7. I completely agree with what everyone's said

    I'm 5 ft 2 and I have the large bowler. Even though the straps are long enough to go over my shoulders, the bag is just a tad too thick so it is kind of awkward looking.
  8. i have the small bowler, but i toyed with getting the large bowler FOREVER before making a decision. i don't think i would have ever worn the large bowler on the shoulder...besides looking awkward, it would be really uncomfortable.
  9. Agree with everyone else...I tried the large bowler on at the boutique and it's definitely meant to be held on your forearm or as a tote...

    But on the positive side of things, it's also fairly light, so it shouldn't be much of a burden to carry on your forearm...
  10. i have the large bowler that im using. i agree with the others the straps are to big to put over the shoulder. the bag is ment to be hand held or used on your forearm.