Can you sell?

  1. Just wondering- can you sell fake designer bags on eBay, if you don't disclose the brand name- like if you list it "brown bag" but then have a picture with a Kate spade logo? I see a lot on eBay- so not sure if I should let eBay know. Thank you!
  2. No you cannot.
  3. Thank you for the info, I have even seen some listings say "i am not sure about the authenticity, so I am not disclosing any brand names"
  4. good thing to remember:

    fakes are illegal, and when you mail one it becomes a Federal Offense = mail fraud.
  5. I was wondering that myself.

    I saw a seller the other day selling "designer inspired" handbags. She had several different designsm and at least a 100 of them.

    But they don't have any names on them though.
  6. no you can not. FAKES ARE GROSS
  7. Actually those are neither illegal nor against eBay rules, as long as they have NO names on either the bag or the listing.

    They are, however, pretty tacky in my opinion.