Can you say RED CHANEL timeless classic flap w/o smiling?

  1. Cos I cant...finally able to present to you all my Chanel timeless classic medium/large vintage flap in RED!!!

    Super awesome bright red color!!





  2. DSC01895.JPG



  3. Hey Cory. Congratulations.

    Is this the 05 red? How would you compare it to the 07 red?
  4. That's a gorgeous true red, congrats!!
  5. Oooh, a red classic flap! :love: My holy grail, the bag I keep lusting after! Congrats on your amazing find!
  6. It's look like 05! Then you got a good deal especially with all the price increases. Congratulation Cory...
  7. A big congrats!!! T:yahoo::woohoo:his is my HG. I am still on the hunt. Enjoy your beauty! :love::heart:
  8. Unbelievable! It's just 1 word: WOWWWWWW :drool:
    There will be a lot of envious girls here (I'm one of them)!!
    Congrats and enjoy that beauty!
  9. OMG Cory, you lucky duck, congratulations!! :yahoo:

    And no, I can't say it without smiling :biggrin: And you must be grinning from ear to ear!!
  10. cOngrats on your new find.. shes gorgeous!!:tup:
  11. Thanks Ann!!!

    Actually its an older bag i not sure but pretty sure it isnt 05
  12. wow, it's absolutely gorgeous! congrats!
  13. gorgeous! :love:
  14. OWEEE on the price, but it's such a gorgeous bag!

    It's not 2005 red but a vintage red in the early 90s with that serial number.