Can you say "No!" to a gorgeous handbag?

  1. Just because you see a gorgeous you have to buy it? The idea for this thread came in the "handbag mistakes" thread, the mistake being: owning too many bags.
    Let's say you have a big collection... There's always going to be another gorgeous handbag staring at you...
    When is enough, enough?
    Why can't you say, "Yes, it is gorgeous. But I have enough gorgeous bags."
    Why do we HAVE to buy the gorgeous bag? Let the bag be its gorgeous self and move on! You already have gorgeous bags. And guess what? There's be another gorgeous bag a few days, weeks, months from now! And then what will you do?
    Why do we binge on bags? :throwup: When do you stop?

  2. No, cant do it.

  3. I'm beginning to control myself. If I have some kind of event to go to, I'll tear through my closet like a mad women thinking, 'WHY do I have NOTHING to wear?!?' ...because I spend all of my money on handbags. :push::lecture: That's beginning to change now. All you really need is: a nice tote for work/school/travel. (still don't have) A casual hobo bag. (have too many) A dressier handheld bag (check) a clutch (check) a more structured shoulder bag (check) a nice go with anything evening bag (check). If there's something I really love, I just convince myself that I have something already for the same use and there aren't enough days in my life for rotation of all these bags... and I could put the money to better use.
  4. I am really TRYING. I finally posted pictures of all of the handbags I have in my closet so I can quickly see them all and make decisions about what I have. And it was really revealing - I don't need any more greens or blues...or reds...or totes. It has to be special, unique and really different for me to pick it up now and fill its own individual space in my handbag wardrobe.
  5. It's a sickness, isn't it?
    I have TOLD myself that I have enough bags, and I have put a $ limit on bags, and I have broken both of those pledges.
    I have a closet full of bags that I just HAD to have, but in reality, had no use for.
    Sometimes wonder what the hell is wrong with me.
    ::::handbags anonymous, anyone?::::
  6. I'm so extremely picky, especially after attending tPF, I hardly see any bags I find !GRGEOUS! anymore. Kind of liberating in a way.
  7. I can't, which is why I'm now broke. I had to compile a wishlist of bags that I was only allowed to buy and the criteria was that they couldn't be like any other bag I already own, be it by color, shape, or designer, AND have to be on sale. They are:

    Anna Corinna Jet Setter Jr. in glazed aqua (I don't own any AC bags or any aqua bags)
    Rebecca Minkoff No Strings Satchel in whitewash/rose gold (I don't have any gold bags)
    Be&D Woven Garbo or Bond in chocolate (just ordered the Bond on NM this week, my first Be&D!)

    And the Holy Grail:
    Marc Jacobs Elastic Quilted Stam in plum (no MJ and no purple bags yet)
  8. P.S. I'm also getting a piggybank, so I can't buy until I have the ACTUAL cash in my hand (as much as I like collecting the rewards points on my cc, I'm trying to make it harder to buy!) and I'm swearing off the Deals & Steals forum for a while...if you see me in there, kick me out!)
  9. If it's regular price, absolutely.
    Around sale time I have a VERY hard time.
  10. Yeah, I can. Honestly, I'm so picky about what I like and have been for the last 4-5 years that it just isn't hard. I am one of those people who either loves a bag or hates it. Rarely does there seem to be a whole lot of inbetween.
  11. no, not me:nogood:
    I am really pretty restrained when it comes to bags. Perhaps because I patronize mainly Chanel:shrugs: I'm not about to just drop a couple of grand because I can't say no.
  12. Exactly.

    Just when you tell yourself, "this is the last one for awhile"....BANG!!!! Out of the blue another gorgeous handbag captures your eye...and heart....and wallet!!!'s a disease....and there's no cure unfortunately!!!
  13. I'm getting better. Now that my tastes have changed to more expensive bags I can't buy them as often.
  14. ITA! Nothing turns my head anymore unless its an exotic skin.
  15. Well, I try and then I think of all the outfits I can wear it with! LOL But seriously I am getting better at it ... the problem with me is that I'm not very brand loyal so that means that there are much more bags to tempt me with.