Can you say...addiction?


    This all started with the LV Speedy 30 and my first Coach purchase small legacy shoulder bag.:tender: After looking at the pics I can say one thing...since I have no kids, my nieces will have a ball in my closet.:woohoo::yahoo::wlae:
  2. can you attach them so we don't have to click on links?
  3. Very nice!!! Would love to see them individually with designers and names listed. What's the gorgeous buttery hobo bag by the wall? Scrumptious!
  4. WOW! those are alot of bags. Great Collection.
  5. Great collection!!
  6. Sure....It may be a while though. Took me some time to figure out how to add links. :confused1: My blogging isn't as good as my handbag that's good.:tup:
  7. lovely bags!! your speedy has gorgeous patina
  8. it's actually easy to attach, no work involved:nogood:
    Just click on the paperclip icon and attach away!
  9. Love the Fendi and the Dior!
  10. Don't worry, you're in the midst of other addicts, you're in good company. Very nice collection, thanks for sharing!
  11. Great collection. :tup:
  12. WoW! i lke bags! it's not bad to have like this.. at least it makes you happy..
  13. Thanks...working on it. Sorry its taken so long...hubby was in hospital. He's doing fine and at home. And of course being a man/baby... now driving me crazy again.:nuts:
  14. Oooh, loove the patina on your speedy! If I may ask, how much was it to repair the interior of your petit bucket? I need mine done!
  15. $85.00 I think. They did a great job on it and the cost was well worth it.