Can you return an LV without....

  1. buying/exchanging for another one?...........just wondering if anyone knows the general practice at the LV stores. If I have the receipt from just a week ago, bag has never been used, I have duster, etc.......can you just return???? Or do you HAVE to exchange or get store credit? thanks for the help. giselle
  2. what i know is that they dont accept refunds .. only exchanges ... but you can check it out ...
  3. I'm afraid his angel is right...i think the same :sad:
  4. I think their policy has changed recently and it now depends on the boutique. Does it say on your receipt?

    I remembering returning a bag for credit back onto my credit card in the summer of 2003.
  5. thanks for the help......I was afraid of that, I am having buyers anxiety (sad face)........sigh........giselle
  6. Good luck Giselle, I hope the store takes it back.

    OH if you have Amex, I'm sure you can call them and they can do something about it ;P
  7. I agree, I was credited back to my credit card too.
  8. Thanks everyone, I will be bold and just act like a refund is what I had expected and see what happens. AND, if I can't refund.....can you nice ladies give me some guidance?? PS....what is Amex? thanks again! giselle
  9. Amex = American Express (right?)
  10. I was there last month. Returns accepted within 14 days in Jersey.
  11. Yep ! And if I'm not mistaken, it's still 14 day refund at Holts LV counters in Canada.
  12. Good luck for it!!;)
  13. yes-they will refund with in that time frame!
  14. yup...jersey and ny both give refunds within the 14 day time frame......:P
  15. yes you have 14 days to return it!