Can you rent CLs?

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  1. I know that sounds weird, but I really want/need a pair of black Mads for an upcoming show I'm in on the 27th with my friend's band. I have the perfect outfit planned, but I've been stalking the Bay forever and I can't find a pair in my size anywhere. I was wondering if anyone knows of a place to rent CL's, if that's even possible. Aside from the show, I probably would not be able to wear them much (my office would have a heart attack if they saw studs lol), so renting would be a reasonable option. Let me know what your thoughts are. I was thinking of getting a pair of Lillians insteads, but I :heart: the studs on the Mads. TIA! :biggrin:
  2. There are places where stylists rent shoes and clothes.
  3. if you can make a 39.5 work there's a pair on the bay right now. If you're a 38 to a 38.5 these might fit because if you remember some people were saying that they had to go up a whole size on these.
  4. chelley, I found a site in Europe that rents out CLs...found it a long time ago..gah..unfortunately I forgot the site..I was looking for samiras in AB strass and stumbled upon it. No mads though..meow..I wish you the best of luck finding the Mads and best of luck with the show hun!
  5. They do run really small. My 41s still crush my toes after 2 years!
  6. Thanks jet, baggs, & panda! :hugs:

    baggs - I PM'd you back... :flowers:

    panda -- you're so sweet... thank you!! :flowers:
  7. Really? I wonder if I can pad up a 39.5 to make it fit comfortably... hmm :thinking:
  8. :thinking: that's weird coz if it wasn't for the strap, i'd step out of my 37.5s (i'm a US 7) :biggrin: maybe i have weird feet :P
  9. It's so strange because I am a 41 in Rolandos comfortably, but my Mad Marys are just cruel. :shrugs:

    Chelley, You'd only have to make them work for that one night, then you could pass them on. Might be worth a try!
  10. Is that seller rentmeahandbag still around? I know they offered a service were you could rent the shoes. also, there was another company that sold their used shoes on eBay after they took them out of the rentals. When I think remember the name, I will come back.

    Another one was fashion911, but I would let them be my last options because of my glitter fiasco.
  11. Wow, thank you, annaspanna33! That's great information.
  12. i'm also a weirdo (same size and situation)!
  13. interesting, i've never heard of renting shoes before. i'm not sure i'd want to.. either way, good luck with your show and i hope you either find some cheap mads to buy or find a rental pair! i'd be worried about renting CLs because of the soles and because i beat mine up so bad that i'd probably get charged up the bum for the repairs the company would have to do after i wear them for a night..
  14. Frankly I would not subscribe to a rental service website.. I know it has been pretty popular lately to rent everything.. from dresses to bags and jewelrry, but to me, shoes are too special to be exchanged like that.. and talking about hygiene too.. You can send a dress to a laundry service but what about shoes ?
    the sole can get used so fast.. and all..
    Even when I buy some I always try to get pairs that have not been tried on. It's like a toothbrush for me.. I cannot borrow's someones..or let someone borrow mine. Plus, shoes are very particular.. since they have to take the shape of your own feet.. not anyone's.. and you girls know that it takes time with stilettos.

    On a side note, I understand how horrible it should be, especially when you need a specific design that you actually CAN afford, but that is still out of reach.. xx Not allowed xx