Can You remeber how it all started?

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  1. :idea: It would be really fun and interesting to know how it all started. Do you remember the first bag:love: ?

    I have to confess that the fist bag I really felt in love with was the Noé from Louis Vuitton. The amusing in this story is that it was many years ago and I did not know what Louis Vuitton was. To my defence I have to say that I grew up in a small town and none of my friends were very trendy:toung: . I went from store to store trying to find the bag I wanted, and finaly I found a bag a thought was similar enough:suspiciou , It was a Kenzia bag ( you proberly never heard of it). I knew it wasn’t the exact bag ….then one day I took my first trip to Copenhagen and saw the LV boutique :nuts: and got the “real” Noé:love: . I have to say that this bag is still my favourite :embarasse
  2. I was in 7th grade when it happened. I went shopping with my grandmother like we always did and she took me to Prada. I picked out a gray medium sized shoulder bag. From then on I was a bag whore.
  3. For me, it was almost a conscious decision. I was an at home mother of one little boy and found myself dressing all the time in leggings and over sized polo shirts and not being happy with myself. I saw a beautiful no-name bag in a store. I realized I wouldn't be able to carry it off with the sloppy way I dressed. Then and there I decided to buy the bag as inspiration to comb my hair and wear clothing that had zippers instead of elastic!
  4. I cant even remember when , i really didnt notice until my sister said , I hope u aint buying another bag , you have enough of them. That was a couple of years ago :smile:
  5. I got into buying and carrying different bags when I began carrying a purse in high school. All of a sudden I had car keys, a cell phone and wallet, but no place to put them. I've never been into shoes, jewelry, or other accessories, but I've always thought that a bag can make a good outfit great. It's only recently that I've begun collecting designer bags, maybe the last year and a half or so.
  6. like two years ago, when i had my first internship at the local courthouse, i was dressing up in heels and nice clothes to go to work everyday, but i didn't have a black bag, i just always brought in this tan corduroy american eagle bag because it was what i had used to go to school and stuff. after a few weeks i got sick of not even CLOSE to matching, so i just went to the closest mall and looked around, and i saw a coach bag i loved, thought long and hard about whether or not to buy it (it was $300 and i only made $62 a week at my internship, lol), and eventually did. i still carry that bag a lot even though i have more expensive and stylish ones, and i notice that when i carry it in to expensive department stores, i don't get great service (apparently i just look like one of the herd), but i love it and nothing will ever change my mind.
  7. For me the obsession started when i was a little girl. When I was at home my mother would give me her old handbag to play with and i would walk around pretending to be "glamourous".
    When we would go out to the stores my mom would buy little change purse looking bags for me that had a long skinny strap and I would wear those across my chest (like a sachel).
    I always wanted a new handbag. I started off with very inexpensive bags as i got older and the more money I made the better quality that my bags would be.

    So far my most expensive purchase was a $1600 Louis Vuitton. At this point in my life i dont think I'd go much higher than that.
    Because i like to change them so often I feel comfortable in the $200-500 range.
  8. LOL! But my sister cant say that she's actually WORSE than me! (Can u beleive that?) I was a toddler and my mom and aunt jackie started feeding my fetish with plastic purses with a platic compact and plastic lipstick. Then my uncle david made it worse by stealing (yes you read right) a little girl's purse who left it in MCDonald's. I was 5 then. I know she was somewhere screaming her head off probably. But hey it was denim (sorta stonewashed) and it was the 80's man! (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it):toung: .
  9. I think I'm turning my daughter into one of 'us'. She's 5 and has a huge collection of handbags. Not LV and Chanel, but Hello Kitty and sparkly things. She's very careful about which one she carries for what occasion. And I'm teaching my son to notice and appreciate what I carry!
  10. I don't know how it got all started, but I still remember my Mom carrying around her LV Monogram Sac Plat when I was young. Buying a nice purse always makes me feel better after a stressful day at work.

    My latest desire is the Deauville:love: ! Going to buy it this weekend!:biggrin:
  11. Someone bought me a fake Gucci clutch when I was 5.. and I didn't know any better so I rocked the fake bags. But when I first stepped into a Louis Vuitton store, I knew I had to have one. My collection is pretty small seeing as how I've got to feed my car, education and self but very soon, I'll be in the $$$ and like Carrie says, I like my money where I can see it, in my closet !
  12. Let me know how you like the Deauville. I'm wondering how easy it is to carry and about the space inside
  13. it started in high school when i stopped carrying backpacks and started carrying purses. i was very into Esprit, Polo, Guess, and DKNY purses. Come college, I attended FIDM and was working in the handbags dept at Robinsons May. I had a lot of customers looking for the "Coach signature backpack" that caught my interest and that was when I started on Coach. As the years went by, I started looking into pricier designer bags and now I'm addicted. :weird:
  14. i think when i was 13/14 years old. One of my good/best friend got me and my 5 other friends a Louis Vuitton Montsouris for school and how shocked were we! At that age, i wasnt really into designer bags yet... only guess, dkny during that time..

    During my 18th bday, my mom got me a Dior logo saddle pouch and since then i never looked back! Since then my collection grew with mixed designer brands like LV, Dior, Coach and LAMB. And that wont be end of it.. hehe :smile:. Nothing can cure this addiction... lol.
  15. I can not describe how good it feels to read your sweet stories:love: about how I all started. Keep on writing friends:idea: