can you redye darker satin shoes? in nyc?

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  1. hi guys! i'm so depressed......i wore a pair of mcqueen fuschia satin pumps out the other night and they came home pretty dirty. they're hot pink - i mean like NEON...

    these if you need a reference.

    i took them to a great dry cleaner and they got a lot of the stains out, but i'm a perfectionist and i can still see some smudges...

    does anyone know if it's possible to redye or dye over stains on satin shoes? i would want them the same color or close, but i've only ever heard of dying white shoes to a darker color. i really don't want to dye them black or something like that! can it be done, and if it can, do you guys have any nyc recommendations? HELP! :crybaby:
  2. to be honest , with the colour and satin ..they are bound to get dirty .When i wear my satin shoes i walk SUPER carefully lol lol and sadly im OCD too at keeping them perfect :sad: . Have you taken the shoe to the cobbler to see if they can be re-dyed with the same or similar colour? Good luck! its such a preety colour. By the way before you wore them did you spray them with water proof spray ? i find that it helps to reduce the "stains" sticking on your satin :smile:
  3. thanks for the reassurance...i feel like such a klutz! i didnt scotchgard them before...but i sure as hell will now! i'll take them to a cobbler, but any previous experiences with dying a brighter colored or dark satin would be super appreciated!