Can you recommend the Cartier Tank Francaise?

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  1. I really like this watch and was wondering whether it was worth the $$$? Would you recommend this watch? TIA! :yes:

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  2. Hi there! Generally speaking, Cartier watches are absolutely gorgeous, and well worth the money spent. They're a classic watch, as opposed to a fashion watch, and will be wearable forever.

    I have a gold and steel tank and absolutely adore it. :tup:
  3. Love the Cartier Tank. I personally like round dial watches, but if I were to get a sqaure/rectangle face watch I would go for the Tank. If you have the budget, another classic rectangle dial watch is the Jaeger-LeCoultre reverso series of watches.

    Happy watch shopping,
  4. You can't get a better or more honest recommendation than that! Many people do pause at the price of them,but this this does help to add to the exclusivity of these watches,and they are made with superior materials and movements so there is justification there too!!

    And I think you can tell how glad Bitten is with hers!!
  5. Aww shucks, chaz, was it that obvious?:shame::P
  6. Yes! But its always great to see true love!!!xxxxxxxxx
  7. I can highly recommend it. Its a classic you'll wear forever. Whenever I hear Cartier thats the watch I think of first.
  8. Very classy.
  9. Okay thank you ladies :love: I heard that the customer service was bad, but apparently it isn't? I'm thinking about getting one pre-loved if I can, if they're not too delicate.
  10. It's a classic!
  11. Cartier Tanks are a must-have although I prefer the Americaine. But.. the Francaise is absolutely gorgeous as well! It's a keeper
  12. I have mid-size and love it```~~ one thing I regret I should've bought large size..after wearing 7 years it seems bit small ~(maybe trend is bigger size now adays?)
  13. No they are quite a sturdy watch,just try and buy one from a reputable outlet and see if you can find out if its had a service by Cartier before you part with a sniff of cash,if some back street half assed repairer has had their hands on it it may cost a lot to sort out when it goes wrong! Its quite easy to check with Cartier if its had a service as they keep a record of every watches serial number and what its been to them for. Hope that helps you on your quest!XXXXXXXXXXXXX
  14. Not to worry lulublue, mine is small as well. One thing we can count on is change and its constancy, i.e. trends come and go.

    Todays trend of ginormous faces on watches reminds me of the clock on my kitchen wall or the hip hop artist Flavor Flav :amuse:
  15. i love my tank and it's a perfect day and night watch.