Can you recommend some matte brown/taupe E/S that work like creme if used wet?


Jan 4, 2006
MUFE has a really great dark browny-gray shadow, but it does NOT work if used with a wet brush. There are so many brands I was hoping someone else had a few recs as to which ones in the dark matte brown or taupe family could be used as a liner if used with a wet brush. Thanks.


Feb 26, 2012
As long as the eyeshadow is a dry heavily pigmented powder, you should be able to use it wet. All Nars and Stila eyeshadows are made to be used wet or dry, many urban decay, MAC...the list is long.

MUFE was created for synchronized swimmers so I'm shocked that they can't be used wet. I thought they were a brand that can be used wet.

ETA: I just tried on 2 different MUFE shadows and they both worked wet. Are you over-saturating your brush by chance?
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