Can you recommend furniture websites you like?

  1. I need a new circle coffee table and maybe a matching side tables. I like Pottery Barn style furniture but they are so $$ plus don't have any coffee tables I love.

  2. I have found some great deals on lovely furniture at Most of their furniture needs to be assembled (which I have found to be very easy), which makes it possible for them to offer low prices. They also have an outlet site with deeply discounted prices on all kinds of stuff (I'm a sucker for nice, wool rugs, and have bought many from this site: I actually like their stuff better than Pottery Barn. I was never a fan for "pre-distressed" furniture, and the workmanship on Home Decorators Collection is way nicer.

    Here are a few of the pieces I've bought from them.
    QAbookshelf.jpg QAdesk.jpg Missionlowboy.jpg
  3. if pottery barn is too expensive, then i wouldn't suggest my own company i work for, which is .. but it's definitely worth the money. not many other companies are going to provide you with lifetime warranty with all their products, and a no time limit, no questions return policy (as long as you have your receipt), and for furniture, having a "furniture medic" come out free of charge to your home to repair any damages, or replacing the item if it's unrepairable.
  4. When I was renovating my house, I bought a lot of great stuff from Also, is good. I got cherry dining room arm chairs from there. People think I got them from Dankers.

    They sell good stuff...I just bought my basement furniture from them this weekend.
  6. West Elm is owned by Pottery Barn (and Williams Sonoma) but their prices are MUCH more reasonable. I also like and Room and Board, but Room and Board is quite expensive.

    We bought two leather chairs from HomeDecorators and they are quite nice. We had initially bought a chaise, but it would not go together correctly, so they sent someone to pick it up and exchanged it for us without a problem. Now they have a store in our area.
  7. No Ikea fans?
  8. abandonedimages,
    me, me! Even though I'm not a poor student anymore, I'm still an IKEA fan. It's not practical for mail order (atrocious shipping fees), but since I still don't own a home and move around a bit, I don't want to buy too nice of furniture (my stuff always seems to get damaged a little everytime I move, no matter how careful the movers are).
  9. Is it true you can't take IKEA furniture apart once you put it together? Seems like that would make moving hard.
  10. IntlSet,

    It depends on the piece. I have kitchen islands, bookcases, and dressers that won't come apart. However, I also have chairs, and lots of office furniture that does. My point about moving around a lot was that I'm going to wait to buy "nice stuff" once I buy a home and get settled down. Otherwise, my "nice stuff" just gets damaged each time I move (and a lot of "nice stuff" you can't take apart anyway). I don't feel like fighting with my movers to get them to replace the damaged goods, even though it's definitely their fault and they are insured (I haven't heard of too many successful cases anyway from my friends).
  11. Ah, thanks, Greendrv! I'm about to graduate college and I don't want to invest in any quality pieces either while I'm not ready to settle down. I have hand-me-downs from my folks right now but I can't take them with me to another city. I've never had any IKEA furniture but I probably will soon!
  12. i like ikea....mostly for storage stuff like bookcases, etc. I'm not a fan of their furniture (like sofas, etc.).