Can you recommend a cosmetic bag?

  1. With the prices going up on Monday:mad: , I want to buy some accessories.

    Which one do you like? Do the "wapity owners" use it as a cosmetic bag as well?



  2. the wapity seems it has dual can take for the straps for make up and or else use it as a clutch~
  3. Oooh ooh, I can help with this one! I just bought one the other night! I thought the wapity was way too small for makeup, soooo cute, but tiny. It is just big enough for a digital camera. I thought for sure that I wanted the pochette toilette (the first pic you have on here) but it is very "structured" but beautiful. I ended up with the "pochette accessories" cuz it was for my makeup (tylenol, etc.) for in my speedy. Loved it because it is a great size and you can use the strap and double it as a little purse for nights when you just need a phone, id, money etc. That is my recommendation. I was all set to buy the pochette toilette until I saw the other. Just my opinion :smile:
  4. I have the pochette cometique (3rd pic) and it is a little fat in bags. I just also got the mini mono pochette and it's awesome. It has a nice little golden strap (removable) and it's just the right size. Good luck!!
  5. I like the last one :love:
  6. How much make up do you have? I love wapity for everything small, but it would only hold touch up make up, you might want a bigger one for travel size.
  7. I have the first one pictured - Poche Toilette 19 - and love it! I don't use it for make-up though -- it holds my palm (in it's hard case), receipts, some perfumes, Tylenol and whatever else I don't want floating around my purse. :yes:

    For make-up, I have a small Lulu cosmetics bag that I got for $32 at the NM outlet -- I would hate to get any makeup marks in my LV!
  8. I have the last one pictured and I love it.. I like (the first one pictured) Toilette 19 but it's a bit big for me.
  9. i have the pochette cosmetique. it's the perfect size and i love the shape. i don't like how the zipper extends so far out on all the other cosmetic bags.
  10. Not much, powder, lipstick, lotion and liner.

    I'm loving all the recommendations! Thanks everyone!

    (Think I'm leaning for the pouchette...dual purpose........):huh: :P
  11. How do you guys deal w/ make-up brushes though? Do you go ahead and put it in the bag? I hate getting anything dirty on LV.
  12. I have had a few of the LV makeup bags and I always go back to the Prada Nylon ones. I love the Prada b/c it can be squeezed into a smaller bag where the LV cannot, they hold a ton even the smallest size, and you can throw them in the washing machine and they look brand new when clean.
  13. I suggest either wapity or mini pochette!
  14. The last one is fabulase.
  15. I have the first one pictured and use it to carry my shampoo/conditioner/toothbrush etc. when I travel. It is a larger bag though so for everyday use I would probably pick the last one. I don't care for the Wapity.