Can you recommend a bag for me?

  1. I'm looking for something large. I want something that zips or snaps-- i.e., not an open tote. I do not like large cc's (like those on cambons, for example), but I don't mind the small gold (or silver) ones found on a bag's closure. I don't need quilting (but won't rule it out):flowers: - I have a vintage late 70's quilted handbag, but I want something more briefcase-y. I prefer leather- no fabric or suede. Basic- no funky designs.
    Any suggestions?
    P.S.- I'm new here.
  2. Only thing I can think of is the Medallion Tote and the Grand Shopping tote. Both are quilted though. I really don't know of any chanel bags that aren't quilted nowadays.
  3. Welcome!!!
    There's a lot that's not quilted but less have closed openings that are tote function.
    A few Lines you should check out for no quilting would be the Luxe Line, Modern Chain Ligne, Mademoiselle and also the Cerf Tote may work for you
    The Grand Shopping Tote is fabulous but doesn't close at the top.
    Then there's always the diamond/quilted pattern w/o actually being quilted.
    If quilting isn't out of the question check out the Vintage Ligne.
  4. The Cerf Tote sounds like something you may want to check out.
  5. Cerf sounds about perfect. :flowers:
  6. Thanks! I'll look for a pic.