Can you recolor a leather bag?

  1. Has anyone ever tried to recolor a leather handbag? does it but it's pretty pricey. Then I also found this too: Where you can do it yourself.

    I read the thread on Lovin' My Bags and people had good experience but it took a while to get your bag back and it costs up to $500 which I am not willing to pay for a bag that cost me 1/2 that much.

    What do you guys think?:shrugs:
  2. I've had a leather bag redyed its original color at a shoe repair shop. It only cost me $30 or $35 dollars. But, if you want to dye your bag a completely different color I'm sure a shoe repair shop could do that as well.
  3. I'm thinking of recoloring a handbag. I'm looking forward to it! Reading all the others do it has gotten me into a color dyeing frenzy. lol
  4. I know, right? Icy did such a great job on the other thread! I looked into the Tarrago dyes and they are only 6.95!
  5. Do you have to be careful about the dye bleeding in the rain or rubbing off on different-colored items (say, a redyed black purse with a white jacket)?
  6. If you read Icy's post from I DYED my MAM! Come check it out! She says that she got caught in the rain and the water beaded right off. The tarrago website even says that it puts a protectant on your bag too with the dye.

    I ordered it. It was 10.79 with shipping. It should be here late this upcoming week. I plan on testing it on a cheaper bag that I have first and if it works well, then I am going to be making the Cole Haan the stone color I have been dreaming of! :yahoo::nuts::wlae::graucho::woohoo:
  7. Right! I am doing the same thing. I'm ordering the tarrago dye! I'm mixing a coral and gold together because I want a metallic coral! I can't wait to see pics from everyone!
  8. Cool! Now my only concern is the stitching on my Cole Haan. How would I avoid dying those? I want to color them dark like the stone Cole Haan later after I dye it. Here are some pics...The butter one: [​IMG]

    What I want it to look like:
  9. Does the tarrago dye work if I want to dye a dark bag light? Like from dark brown to ivory? Or does it only work from light to dark?
  10. A good leather dye can never go from dark to light. Much like hair color, you cannot go lighter without bleaching the leather first.

    Now, you can coat a bag with a different color, but that's not the same thing. To actually dye the leather and change the color of the leather fibers, you can only go darker unless a very experienced person does the work.
  11. ^ Exactly. :yes: