Can you recoat a Chanel Boy Calfskin?

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  1. Hi guys, I own nothing but caviar Chanel because I love the durability. I have recently fallen in love with a shiny smooth coated leather black boy bag. It's so stunning and I want to buy it BUT I am so scared about hairline scratches. I want this to be a bag I wear often. IF I do get a lot of scratches, can I get the bag recoated at a professional leather shop? Has anyone done that before? What's your experience?
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    Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to recoat caviar leather? My chanel jumbo in beige clair in caviar leather is peeling and would like to know if I can fix that.
  3. I have had a couple chanel bags repainted/recolored. I'll be honest despite being able to renew my bags that way due to flaws that cannot be repaired any other way, one problem I had was the leather becoming slightly stiff and kinda plasticky to touch. I would miss the soft lambskin feel of the bag, caviar maybe not so much.
    However I do think it depends on how good the person doing the recolor, I have seen blotchy job before and that is scary.
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  4. can i ask where you had your bags repainted/recolored? was it at the chanel store or a private leather store? were you happy with the results? TIA :smile:
  5. Leather surgeons. They have a fantastic track record and they've recreated the entire re-dyeing process so that the new color does not crack, peel, etc. Still doesn't feel like the original store-bought leather but it's the closest to it.