can you really stretch patent???

  1. I've read posts here saying you can and you can't stretch patent shoes, so just to get it straight, can you stretch it or not? I got a pair of patent Cole Haan pumps and I love how comfy they are for a 3 inch shoe but the toe box area literally cuts the blood circulation that my feet come out looking white after I wear them( and I have no idea why I didn't notice this while I was in their store). I can't return them coz I already wore them outside, so does anyone have any suggestions? They are my right shoe size, I guess my feet are wide? Which is weird coz I never thought so before. Anyway, suggestions please. TIA! :cutesy:
  2. Absolutely! BUT - only as long as the lining is a natural fabric (leather, linen, whatever). I have incredibly wide feet and I've had plenty of patent shoes I've stretched in the past. In fact, I put all my new shoes on a stretcher as a matter of course.
  3. do you just do it yourself? or do you take it to a cobbler?
  4. I read on eBay about this liquid stuff that helps to strech patent shoes.
  5. oh really? would you know what it's called?
  6. madamestuff, if the lining is not a natural fabric, like if it is man-made materials, than it cannot be stretched at all? also, sorry to be a bit slow but what kind of stretcher is it that you use on your shoes? thank you so much!
  7. thanks a bunch!
  8. Easiest way is to wear your shoe with thick socks a few times around the house it does work!
  9. I tried doing this but I couldn't stand the pain :crybaby:
  10. Mmmm... in my experience, synthetic fabrics don't stretch, no (besides which, they usually make your feet a little -er- 'nasaly unappealing'!). The stretcher I have is shaped kinda like a foot, and covered in little holes. You put the foot in the shoe and then twist the handle on the end to make the toe/ball of foot area wider (you can't stretch the heel out). If you want to stretch it lengthways, you have to turn a little disc on the handle part of the foot and it lengthens. If there's a particular spot on your shoe that is rubbing, the stretcher has all these little 'bump' attachments that you plug into the holes for extra stretching in that area.

    I leave each shoe on the stretcher for about two days before wearing them. If they still haven't stretched enough, depending on the colour of the lining I really pack damp butcher's paper (or newspaper will do) into the shoe overnight, then take it all out in the morning and put it back on the stretcher.

    If it STILL hasn't stretched enough, you can get leather stretching spray from the cobbler. Give the shoe a spritz then either pop the shoes on and wear them 'round the house, or put them back onto the stretcher.

    The stretcher thing cost me about $50 from the cobbler. It's exactly the same as the one they use when you go and take them to get stretched!
  11. Madamestuff can you please post a picture of your stretchers:yes:?
    I bought wooden ones, very simple ones but not cheap $35, but the little thing you turn broke after a week :cursing:.
    I guess I have to spend more than that! Anyways, any info will be appreciated.
  12. if they are patent leather, it's already set and the only way it can be stretched is using heat. Using regular wooden stretcher will stretch them for like half hour and then they will go back to the original shape. Take them to the cobbler. You can't really do something like that yourself. Once they are heat-stretched, they will maintain new shape.
  13. Sallygirl do you have experience stretching patent with a cobbler? I just got Red patent Rolandos:yahoo: (and black leather declic 100 BTW!!!) they fit me but I have wide feet, and just want to make it easier to wear.

    Anyone recommends a cobbler in Miami-Dade, preferably Coral Gables?:confused1: Thanks!