Can you really have too many fuchsia shoes?

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  1. I don't know why I'm suddenly obsessed with fuchsia but I absolutely love this color lately, I think it may have to do with the beautiful fuchsia declics and VPs that Lo recently posted ;) .
    I picked up the fuchsia VPs today which I absolutely love. And then I stopped by Barneys and saw fuchsia satin Papillon something or other (I can't recall the exact name of this style) but it had butterfly in it for sure. I didn't purchase them but I do have them on hold because I just couldn't justify buying 2 pairs of fuchsia shoes in one day. So as always, I hope that my tpf buddies can help me decide on which pair I should keep or get in the case of the Papillons. If anyone knows the name of this style, please fill me in.

    Fuchsia Suede VPs

    Fuchsia Satin Papillons (?)

    Any my next dilemma is what should I part with in order to fund these because I am trying to stick to One In/One Out. I was thinking of giving up the metallic nude/rose gold VPs for a pair of fuchsias, is that a fair trade?
  2. Hm.. not crazy about the Papillons on... but I am just in LOVE with the VPs!!! Argh.. I need a pair. Give up the metallic VPs?? Are you crazy!? Those are TDF! :P
  3. BTW, do you have a full picture of your dress?? That looks HOT! Who's it by?
  4. I think I really like the VPs better. Those are so gorgeous!
  5. I love the VP's - I totally understand the issue. You're just attracted to pink. Go with it!

    Right now I'm on purple, but usually its green and red.
  6. Kamilla of course I LOVE the fuchsia VP!!! They look fabulous on you! LOL! I found myself having the same dilema today about the fuchsia shoes you know how that ended up, haha. Anyhoo I didnt like the papilon stock pics but i think they look gorgeous on. I am no help bc I wou;d NOT part with Rose gold VP's they are sooo pretty

    Edit: If you dont get that special feeling from them maybe you should part with them? I think they are soo pretty tho, look at that pic they are fabulous
  7. Too bad you and I aren't the same size :P
  8. Hmmm, tough call. I really like the metallics also.
  9. I think the fuchsia VP and Papillon are much prettier than the nude metallic VP.
  10. I love the fuschia VPs-not feeling the Papillions! The metallic VPs are beautiful BTW. Are they are recent purchase? Do you think anyone has them still? I absolutely love them..........
  11. Wait a second...Don't you also have the Very Brode's in fuchsia?

  12. I believe they were available at SAKS this past spring, they are on my wishlist:sweatdrop:

    ^^^LOL sdesaye who can pass up the fuchsia?
  13. definitely the VPs! i love the shade of pink in that - very feminine, very sweet. the papillons are too hot pinkish for me, not doing it for me. VP VP VP VP VP!!