Can you REALLY afford LV - or are you fakin'?

  1. Sometimes I am torn between buying LV that screams "LOUIS VUITTON!" (like the Multicolore and ever popular Monogram Canvas) and the more subdued lines (such as Damier and Epi). I picked up the notion from somewhere that people who can "really" afford LV or who "really" have class don't carry pieces that shout it out...and often don't know much about it as a whole.

    For example, I was buying lunch in Au Bon Pain and saw an older lady carrying a Damier Alma. I've been contemplating buying this bag for a while so when I saw her with it I got excited and said, "I love your Alma!" The lady looked at me and said, "My what?"

    I swear, time stood still. A part of me wanted to scream, "Your ALMA! Don't you even KNOW the NAME of the BAG you're carrying?!?" But the more sensible part of me answered, "Your pocketbook" and hightailed it to the cashier.

    This has happened to me once before. And while I don't remember the specifics of the first occurrence, I have to say (no prejudice here) that on both occasions, older white women were carrying the bags and seemed oblivious to the brand and style. (NOTE: I saw a black woman at a company event with a Belem MM a couple of weeks ago and wanted to ask her how she liked it since I sold off my PM because I thought it wasn't roomy enough, but she disappeared before I could approach her.) question is, do people with money (not counting celebrities who are often paid to wear certain brands and thus, know most labels) obsess over the innerworkings of a brand the way that we do here on the board? If you're REALLY rich, do you research the bags you want, memorize the styles in a collection and go into the boutique and request a bag by its catalog name? If you're rich, can you run down the official name of every piece you own or are carrying? Or do people who are really wealthy happen to be walking through Saks Fifth Avenue, see a bag they like that happens to be Louis Vuitton, and just buy it?

    Does this make sense? Your thoughts?
  2. I think the real wealthy, IMO, to them everything is disposable, they could have a million if they want, so don't think they obsess, but could be wrong. There could be some very wealthy on our board, but I know their not agonizing over buying an azure accessoires for $285.00!!!!:s :hysteric: Like moi.
  3. It's a very good question, but I don't know that it applies here since we are all bag geeks! Or, for the most part.
  4. Honestly it's a little bit of both because there are people that are loyal to the brand and know everything about its history and products and then there are those that just like what they have and buy it. It really doesn't matter whether or not you have money...
  5. I agreed, think most of here are bag geeks... IMO

    And there are probably many here that are wealthy...:hysteric:
  6. It does, but if you noticed must of the people who born rich does not care how much something cost, they don't even bother too look at the tags when purchasing something, because they grow up having all.. the other type of rich people are the ones that worked their way up and they know poor and even if they have all the money now, they still look at tags and make faces when things are overpriced, they look at details perhaps names, quality etc.. however there are always exceptions to any rule, but most likely it falllows that pattern.
    I am not rich at all, however I work hard for things I like, so you darn right I will be looking for names, price, style etc.
    In the other hand..there are people that collect things and they do know exact details about their collection, not matter what kind of rich or poor, collecting is a passion and when you have a passion you know everything about it.
  7. Just to clarify, this post is not intended to be critical of anyone on the board. Personally, I can tell you the style name of every LV piece I'm carrying, every piece I own, and 10 times more of those I don't. My husband thinks it's amazing - but it's just one of my hobbies.

    I don't doubt that many of us are classy women, and carrying yourself with class goes beyond what you're wearing. I am just posing a question I've often pondered.
  8. I understand what you are saying.

    I think "old money" (which doesn't equate to a lot of money) tend to be more "stealth wealth" so they carry non-logoed handbags.

    BUT for some people handbags are a hobby, irregardless of how rich they are. If it's a hobby, you're going to know more than the average person about your hobby.
  9. Of course some people with millions or more care and will research the brand! Certainly not all but some definately do!
  10. This was an excellent response, by the way.
  11. Jazzie... I think most of us here are glad to have PF to share our passion... If anyone is offended they should take it OT and PM...:s

    Curiousity is good anyway....:P

    Glad we're here to share with everyone...:angel: :flowers:
  12. I think your question is very good to beggin with
    Well i would say that well you are right there is a lot of wealthy people that doesn't care about the brand or what it bring with it like history etc etc, they just buy things when they need them or when they want them not even knowing the names nor prices.
    I my case I could say that I'm not rich I own many vuitton items but every and each of them means something for me and the brand for me is not about beeing expensive and a "sign" of wealth, is something I admire as a heritage and most important as a work of design I am studying fashion design and for me LV are more than bags I think is my dream profession
  13. I am guessing people with "disposable income" you are all referring to, who can spend any money on useless objects without looking at the price tags, are the neuvo riche (people that inherited $$$, won the lottery, etc.). I don't think people who actually EARNED their fortunes would EVER go and fork out X amount of $$$ without thinking that purchase through (be it $1000.00 bag or $100,000.00 car)! They didn't get wealthy by flushing their $$$ down the toilet!
  14. I get what you mean. :yes: I think it's the PASSION that we, as bag lovers have, that make us naturally research on the info of our bags because bags are our number one interest! :P

    Like, for example we are not really THAT into IT gadgets, but everyone carries a mobile phone, so we'll need one anyway. Before we buy one, some might research, some might not and just purchase one that we think the most fashionable looking, or most compact, or said to have more features, or the newly released, etc. So then when people said, "Wow, I love your N70, W800i, K750", or whatever codes it is, you'll go like, "Huh?" coz you know it's a Nokia, Motorola, etc, but would you even bother to remember the model code if you are not THAT IT savvy? Well, just an example. :shrugs:
  15. Hey hey...mono canvas and MC are my favorite because of the history and style not because it screams LV...the LV logo is more feminine than the daimer for me... love the tones. Would go for the suhali line but, it is too pricey...3k for the bag that I drool over but, 3k for 1 bag is way too much when I can get 3 bags that I really like. In my town I never see LV store my bag is pretty anonymous until you know handbags..carrying LV does not mean you want to look rich when you are not it just means you have certain tastes in handbags. My Gucci guccissima leather bags have GG's all over them and that is the style. I personally think that it is naive to think that someone carrying a mono canvas bag wants to look wealthy (or fake it). Either you love a design or style or you do not. If I really wanted to carry Hermes I could save and carry one but, it does not appeal to me. LV mono canvas luggage and trunks are gorgeous and that is a part of the appeal of mono canvas for me...they are absolutely stunning. Plus anyone who knows handbags will reconize every line...I could spot an epi, suhali, daimer, hermes, MJ, gucci, chanel from down the block because I know my handbags they are just has obvious has the mono canvas to me. When I saw a daimer at the mall it stood out more than any mono because it was an iconic shape and the pattern is very strong you could not miss was screaming look over here!

    Ohh lots of people with wealth and class carry the mono canvas. Wealthy people buy what they love. It is like saying weathy people do not buy mercedes or BMW's because they are too obvious.....just isn't logical. Socialite, celebs and everyone inbetween carry mono canvas and MC because they love the style of it or what is the point of owning it.