can you put appleguard on colored legacy leather

  1. like pond, rose, whiskey, natural etc?

    anyone done it? did it change the color? TIA!

    what about pebbled leather? anyone done that?

    I searched for this, but didn't find an answer about colored leather, just white and vachetta
  2. I don't think so.. i e-mailed coach and they said only a damp cloth .. nothing else.
  3. hmmmm, I was thinking about the rose shoulder on eBay but I'm so worried about getting it dirty, I wanted to protect it
  4. I now am the proud owner of a lovely blue pen mark on my pond shoulder tote. I don't even remember how it got there.
  5. Oh no ! Did you try hairspray on a qtip ? Hidden danger, when you put your bag on a counter at the store to pay for stuff and the clerk puts a pen down near your bag to sign the cc slip. I think people have to watch out for this ! It almost happened to me the other day.
  6. I'll try that hairspray trick.. thanks!
  7. be VERY worked for me on metallic leather, but i tried it on a pink leather mini skinny and it took the color off, not the ink
  8. ALL MY ALI'S that's 5 x $500 bags. Am I nuts? Coach doesn't want you to do anything to protect your investment and that is nuts!

    I moisturized my POND French Wallet. Looks exactly the same.

    All my leathers feel and look so much better after I moisturize them. Unless Coach uses something other than leather . . . all leathers need a balance of moisture and air.

    If you have an unfinished leather like pebbled nubuc, spray it with Apple Rain Guard.
  9. ok, i'm slow, what is the diff between nubuc and finished leather? I bought a pinkyred east west duffle at the outlet that is the pebbled leather, can I use i on that?
  10. Nubuc is very low nap suede this should be sprayed. If it has a slight sheen and smooth feel (inspite of the pebbled texture) yes, you can moisturize it.

    If you can post a pic, a closeup that shows the texture of the leather.
  11. Why do they tell us to use nothing on it then?
  12. I really don't know, it is never explained. I would really like to ask their textiles director. There are many websites to refer to for types of leather and care.

  13. that was impressive!
    Thank you for that.
  14. ok, where is the best place to buy it (appleguard)? I remember I saw an online code for free shippin somewhere, but can't remember now

    also, the spray stuff is what I should put on a new bag right?

    not sure about the free shipping though. Sorry.
    $7 bottle/$5 shipping

    Yes, spray a new suede bag before use, or clean and dust off a used bag.