Can you put a city on your shoulder?

  1. If not...what is a good Balenciaga style to wear on the shoulder?
  2. Definitely. It comes with a shoulder strap.
  3. Or after extensive wear, the bag stretches out and you can sort of wear it (not with a bulky coat) with the regular handles. The purse is a great alternative if you really want a shoulder bag. The purse style fits comfortably on the shoulder because it has a longer handle drop. I also think the first makes a nice shoulder bag with the shoulder straps. The bag doesn't bend in the middle like with the city when you use the shoulder straps so it looks good IMO.

    Other shoulder wearabilty styles is the day/hobo. The twiggy is like the city, it has the same handle drop buy when you've broken it in, you may also try to wear it on the shoulder. HTH! :smile:
  4. i totally use my shoulder strap in my city. it's so useful and practical when i have a lot to carry or need both hands :smile:
  5. if my CITY is not stuff with lots of stuff - but half the time it is... i can put the bag on my shoulder... but i usually use the shoulder strap. otherwise, theres the PURSE, or HOBO... good luck! :smile:
  6. I usually carry my city bag using the shoulder strap, but after several months of use I've noticed that the handles have stretched enough to fit over my shoulder quite nicely as well.
  7. Hi all
    I am a newbie on this thread. I am saving up for a ball bag. They are beautiful. I usually carry my bag on my shoulder. Do the handles on the city fit over your shoulder? I am 5'8" tall.
  8. Am am tall and not that skinny and I can only get the giant hardware city handles over my shoulder - not the regular hardware bags (tassle bags).
  9. Ok there is a strap included the handles do offer shoulder wear.
  10. Do you usually carry it in your hand or do you use the shoulder strap too? Is it comfortable on your shoulder?
  11. I prefer the City strap on my shoulder than the handles (I'm lacking in height - 165cm:smile:).

    At 5'8", if you love the shape, I think the Part-Time would look great on you!
  12. jill39 ~ I am 5'7" sort of skinny and I prefer to carry my bag over my shoulder. I don't like to carry it by strap (looks funny on me) and I think it is more of decorative item. Both GH City & Part Time can be carried over the shoulder. But I am not sure GH City will work with thick winter coats (it is still Summer where I live). Over all I think Part Time is a better choice if you like to carry B-bag over your shoulder.
  13. i'm not so slim, i cn only carry the giant city on my shoulders but not the ones covered and regular hardware.
  14. I'm not slim too and the RH City won't work for me, only the GH City. My favorite however is PT and Work, both fit fine regardless of it being RH or GH.
  15. Yes, it fits on my shoulder but I prefer the shoulder strap.