Can you purchase just the luggage tag?

  1. And will they heatstamp it for you? What is the price for the tag?
    Does anyone know if the boutique at Caesar's Forum in Vegas has the machine?
    I'm getting excited! My funds are limited, but I want something!
  2. Yes, you can just purchase a luggage tag and yes, you can get it heat stamped.
  3. Thanks!
  4. Yes.. but I dunno how much it is!?
  5. Hi hello. If its any help, its SGD69 in Spore... so in USD45? But maybe include in the tax at your side....hope this helps. I think the other ladies will chime in soon ;)
  6. It was 40 dollars when I bought one last summer.
  7. Just called the 866 number and the girl told me that a small tag is $37.
  8. Yup I got it here for S$60++... couldn't remember the exact... had it heatstamped and they did a very sloppy job so I had the whole thing refunded.