Can you print Paypal shipping label w/out a sale?

  1. I saw a thread about this a while ago, and just spent 20 minutes searching and looking for it to no avail. I think someone had posted a link to somewhere on Paypal where you could just buy and print a shipping label without selling an item. I want to return something to a store, and all I want to do is buy a darn shipping label, but I can't figure out how to do it. Anybody know? Thanks:smile:
    create an account, buy and print ur postage, free DC#
  3. I know, but I thought there was a way to do it directly through Paypal... would make my life easier. Though I suppose spending half an hour searching for how to do it would be equal to standing in line at the post office!:smile:
  4. yes you can, i just printed 3 labels from paypal w/o sale. search for 'shipping center' it took some time to get used to, but I find it very helpful, especially i can see the status of shipment instead of searching through email.
  5. This is a great thread. I've searched several times for this since I send several packages to my mom for gifts, returning store merchandise and I could not find this either. I'm not sure what you mean about searching for "shipping center" because nothing comes up. I have been trying to find this for several months in It's so much less expensive especially with UPS.
  6. You can go into the shipping screen for any payment you received and just override the name and address. or have someone send you a penny for "service" and you'll be able to get a shipping label with no name/addy so you can enter anything you want.
  7. Doing it this way you can also arrange for carrier pick-up, which means NO trip to the PO!!