Can you predict fuzzing?

  1. When you are shopping for a new sweater, can you predict whether or not it will fuzz? If so, is it based on the ratio of the blends or do you think it's more about the quality of the materials? I have noticed more and more of my sweaters from Banana Republic developing fuzz - especially in that underarm area where your arm rubs against your chest. Thoughts?
  2. I look at the blend the sweater is made of. Longer fibers (like angora, merino wool, alpaca) won't pill as easily. Short fibers like cashmere and some brands of wool (probably depends on the quality) will get pilly faster. I generally look for sweaters that have a silky/smooth texture (if this makes any sense) as opposed to the very soft and almost-already-fuzzy ones that will get pilly faster.

    ETA: Quality generally means less pilling. But I've bought nice wool sweaters that pilled immediately, while I have this ancient Old Navy sweater made of lambswool that has never once pilled... so it's pretty hit or miss, unfortunately.
  3. The pilling on my cashmere sweaters drives me nuts. I wish I knew a way to prevent this.
  4. ^ bnjj-- same here!! It's so frustrating to spend $200+ on a cashmere sweater that pills almost immediately. sigh*
  5. Today, I am wearing a rayon/nylon blend turtleneck from Ann Taylor Loft that is very smooth. I am wearing this turtleneck under a short sleeved sweater dress from Gap that is 85% cotton, 15% wool. I feel like they are both pilling! Argh!
  6. God I know exactly how you guys feel!! My sweaters always pill right under the armpits and at the side where my bag hits the hip. There's really nothing you can do except get rid of the pilling. I bought this battery-powered machine that automatically cuts off the pilling for's AWESOME!!! It makes my cashmere sweaters so much nicer.
  7. Use a sweater/wool comb... that will comb away the pills.
  8. I read somewhere that using combs and battery operated devices promote pilling after they remove them - what's your experience? These gadgets are hard to find these days!
  9. If a material IS already pilling, combing it will not addon to pilling. I love the comb better than the battery operated device or the sweater stone (which I hate because the stone chunks actually crumbles out). My sweater comb is a tried and true deal (saved my woolen suits many a times) that is bought at places like Joanne's Fabric, same stuff as what "older generations" (My MIL, my DH Grannie) used to use when they don't have as many clothes as us today.
  10. I disagree that better quality = less pilling. In fact, I have quite a few cashmere sweaters, which are the worst! Just get a good sweater shaver (try Bed, Bath and Beyond) and it will take care of the problem.
  11. Oh my goodness! This has been driving me crazy. I just returned a sweater to BR today because it started to pill in that same area. It's happened to the last few sweaters I've purchased from BR. I was beginning to get complex thinking my boobs were too big and causing all this rubbing and pilling! :shame:

    I will try the comb and the shaver thing on a few other sweaters and a wool coat I have that's starting to pill.
  12. You are correct. I also thought so but was told I wasmisinformed and that this is a common misassumption that most peole have but it is not true. :nogood: The truth is that often very expensive cashmere pills easily because of the longer hairs of the cashmere fibre used to achieve thickness and softness. The longer the cashmere fibre used = more pilling. :yes:
  13. I wanted to bump up this thread for some more input - are there any brands/styles/materials in particular you have found that are better or worse as far as pilling? For example, the cashmere v-necks from J Crew, the wool from BR... whetever you have had experiences with. Post links if you can!

    I am looking to update my fall wardrobe with some staples and I HATE when a sweater pills on me quickly. :yes:
  14. 100% cashmere always pills, just a matter of when (depending on quality)
    cashmere blends with wool seems to hold up better
    can't stand angora since it tends to shed usually.
  15. JCrew cashmere sweaters pill easily. Quality merino wool is just as soft as cashmere, and it doesn't pill at all. I swear, I have this periwinkle blue merino wool twinset bought at Henri Bendel (their house label) seventeen years ago (yes, that's 17!) and it hasn't pilled, faded, or shrank at all! If only all my sweaters were that durable and timeless!

    Can't speak for durability of JCrew's merino wool, but I'd be willing to bet they're pretty decent too.