Can you postpone getting your period?

  1. Is there a way to postpone your period for a week or so? I have a last minute vacation and don't want to deal with my period during that time. I can't remember when it is supposed to arrive though. Can you stop your period once it's arrived? Thanks for any info you have.
  2. No, you can't stop it once it's arrived. I think if you're on BC you can skip the placebos and start a new pack... Someone correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not sure.
  3. I use my birth control to stop my periods for three months at a time so I only have them 4 times per year.
  4. You can do it if you are on monophasic birth control pills, just keep taking the active pills and skip the placebos. If you are on triphasic pill then it won't work because of the hormone difference between the last active pills of the old pack and the first week active pills of the new pack-there will still be some bleeding. I guess you could take a new pack and then jump directly into the last week, but that would be a total waste of the rest of the pills. But then again it doesn't sound like you are on the pill since you aren't sure when it is coming. There's no way to stop it once it starts, you might have to deal with having it while on vacation. Tampons may be your best friend during that week.
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    Not in my case. I am on triphasal and though you would think the differing dosage levels would cause intermittent bleeding, it doesn't. I've been doing this for about two years now on Triphasal and have no spotting or bleeding at all.

    Even though this works for me, I am thinking of asking my Dr. for the three month pill that is a steady dosage the whole 91 days but I am not sure if it is available in Canada.

    ETA - just checked and it is available in Canada.
  6. Thank you for info. No, I'm not on the pill.
  7. Taking BC's continuously (skipping placebos) will delay your periods; however, for a last minute solution, BC's would not be effective.
    You would need allow to the BC's to start AFTER your initial menstrual cycle before it can be fully effective.

    Digressing a bit- as for the tri-phastic pills being effective or not, that all depends on a woman's biology- some require higher amounts of hormone within the pill to prevent breakthrough bleeding, while others require only the smallest amounts.

    Anyhow, again, as a previous poster recommended, a tampon might be your best bet; again, IF it is something of a last minute "fix" you wish for.

  8. after alot of research I did find a medication you can take to postpone your period even if you are not currently taking birth control: Norethisterone
  9. I am on that pill (Seasonale) and have been for 3+ years. I have been very satisfied with it, no breakthrough bleeding or anything, works great. Love not having periods every month!

  10. Sorry, I would consult with my doc before taking something like that. Especially if you are not already or currently taking BCP's.
  11. Rats. I got excited. I thought it was a new Missy thread.
  12. I have a vacation planned for new years and have the same question because I know my visitor comes at the first of every month.

    The worst part is the bloat, weight gain, and binges that comes right before it.

    If I were to start birth control will I be able to beat the bloat and weight gain? Because I've heard of people gaining weight after starting birth control
  13. Everyone reacts differently when on BC. I was on triphasics for years and had to switch to monophasics. I do very well on Ortho but one time a GYN put me on Nordette and it was awful. I lost weight actually, but I was breaking out and very moody. Went back on Ortho gained back the BC weight (3-5lbs) but skin is clear and no mood swings.

    So to answer your question it varies by person and pill, like any other medication you'd have to find what works best for you.
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