Can you point out a fake smile from real ones?

  1. BBC smile test! How good are you on distinguishing smiles?

    take the test here
  2. 15/20 good I guess.I know they made ME laugh!hehe!
  3. That was fun, got 16 out of 20...
  4. I got 14/20, not too bad i don't think
  5. 18/20 .. not bad.. surely made me laugh though.. the dcead give away i the eyes.. if they're not smiling with the eyes too - fake! :smile:
  6. 17/20
  7. 13/20

    at first I didn't know you were supposed to play a video!!
  8. Me too! I didn't know that.

    Anyway, they chose the goofiest looking ppl to do
  9. 16/20
  10. 13/20 as well!
  11. 17/20

    I tried to look for the 'laugh lines.'
  12. 13/20
  13. 18/20 :yahoo: hilarious quiz
  14. God I must be terrible at reading people- I only got 11!
  15. You got 17 out of 20 correct.

    Cute game!