Can you PO an exotic?

  1. Wondering if anyone has put in a podium order for an exotic (ostrich, croc). Are exotics only for special orders?
  2. it's possible
  3. You can order them at the podium. It generally depends on the store and their policy regarding budgets, and how they choose to spend them. My store, and the other stores that I am familliar with have a restricted budget for exotics, and therefore tend to choose croc over alligator & ostrich, as it's far more popular here. If they exceed their quota, and you asked to order one at the poduim, you would probably be told to SO it, but it really isn't that much of a difference whether you PO or SO it, unless you're after really particular specs, or in my case, a colour that is no longer in production (therefore, my order won't get placed at the podium, it must be SO'd).
  4. thank you for the info, baggaholic and grands fonds!
  5. no worries! so, are you going for the fuschia or the braise?
  6. Yes sure you can.. but it totally depends on your boutique! Goodluck!!
  7. i wish!!! nope, just wondering and want to be thoroughly prepared in case i ever do get the opportunity to PO/SO. if not, i hope to order croc in paris someday!