can you please suggest a bag for my mother?

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  1. so my sister & i are looking to get my mom a nice purse for her bday/xmas since they're both in december and we want to start looking/buying now cause we get excited early :P

    my mom doesn't have a 'nice' bag, (she just has 2 Longchamps) and we thought it'd be nice to surprise her and get her one. but it's hard to find something that i think she'd like, so i could use some help

    she is: on the skinny side, about 5'3/4", and dresses slightly trendy for tops/shoes but sticks to boot cut/dress pants for bottoms.
    she likes for bags: black, smooth not pebbled leather, doesn't mind quilting, prefers a plainer bag (ie no huge HW, minimal if there's a chain), and likes shoulder bags/totes but wouldn't mind a satchel if it could fit alot/over her shoulder

    ideally, the bag would be about the size of a medium Longchamp, premier designer, and something from eBay/Bonz and can be up to about $800

    please help me find something that i can purchase secondhand for about this price! or just show me something that i can look for myself. thanks! (sorry for the huge post :P)
  2. Try Cole Haan, Marc Jacobs, Furla, Tory Burch
  3. BV bags on resale are a great deal and are a classic. my mom loves them. they're also lighter so your mom won't hurt her back and shoulders.
  4. check out Prada. great leather, subtle logo (non-triangle), classy casual designs. luv the satchels, some of which w/ handles that can fit over shoulder too... resale market price w/in your range, i think.
  5. Get your mom a classic luxurious lambskin leather BV hobo. Get help from the girls on the BV forum with authentification. That's the way to go!!
  6. linhhhuynh, I was thinking. Would your mother be ok with a used bag? I ask because in November the stores have presales (around Thanksgiving) and perhaps you might want to spend a couple of hundred more and buy her a new bag? Of course I am not referring to a BV now, as their classic colors never go on sale but perhaps a Prada or an YSL. Good luck and happy shopping!! ;)
  7. ^ I also suggest a brand new bag and not a used one, esp since this is to be her first.

    Longchamp has beautiful leather bags as well as the LP. If she already likes and trusts the brand it might be a good place to start.

    As Bga also said ^ the sales are coming up in the US soon, maybe make a day of it shopping so she can choose her own. Watch out for non-returnable sales merch if you buy without her by your side. sales mean your money will go much further.
  8. i think she'd be fine w/ it, as long as it were in new condition...i have no clue as to what for Prada though. does anyone own any Pradas (like the plain soft calf totes) and can show me a picture?
  9. Do I have to? :P

    Okay it makes me sad that you said smooth leather, because someone needs to buy this. So my suggestions are

    Gucci Galaxy
    Burberry Woolf
    MK Skorpios