Can you please share your opinions on a Besace Colour?

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Which Besace Colour?

  1. Get the brown. It's a great neutral.

  2. Get the teal. It is different.

  3. Wait for a navy. It may turn up some day.

  4. Wait for a black at the right price, even though you have other black bags.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. #1 Feb 13, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2010
    I have recently been obsessing over the YSL besace. I think the black pebbled leather is absolutely gorgeous and I love the navy too as I have a thing for blue bags. But here lies my dilemma:

    I already have a black pebbled leather Easy tote. So I'm not sure I should get a besace in similar leather and colour. Plus I have a black Balenciaga.
    Navy seems sooo hard to find.

    Should I then settle for a brown or teal one? They are both on sale. If you think I should get either of these two, which one do you think? Does anyone have pics of a brown one? I prefer darker browns. Is the teal hard to match? Or is it quite a beautiful pop of colour?
    Or should I just wait for black or navy at the right price?

    Thank you!
  2. get the teal one. its a really amazing blue and very different from navy :smile:but me, im getting the black one!!!
  3. One of my friends has the metallic black and I never liked the style until I saw heres. I don't think I would get teal...
  4. teal is simply amazing
  5. I like the teal but would personally wait for the black. That's just me though.
  6. Thanks, everyone. As I love and wear all things navy, I think teal would be quite different and probably won't be happy to settle. So I'm going to wait for navy or black. Brown is too warm a colour for me, unless it's a super dark brown.
  7. I voted for the brown because given your explanation of the colors you seem to like, teal didn't seem very "you." I have the Besace in Navy and can say it's fantastic. I would scoop up a chocolate in a heartbeat because I'm sure it's just as lovely.
  8. BagLover21, you're lucky to have the navy! I'm going to give the chocolate a miss as I really want a black or navy. If only resources were unlimited!
  9. Dont settle. Get what you really want from the start even if it means you have to wait. If you go with another color (just because it on sale) you will still pine after the bag of your dreams.
  10. I totally agree, MichelleD. I've learned my lesson the hard way on Bals. I'm going to wait.
  11. I have the black, and I love it. But yes, I have a lot of black bags :P
  12. Hold out for the Navy! MichelleD's advice is right on. :yes: