Can you please please help me choose??


Which bag would you choose?

  1. Croissant GM

  2. Coussin GM

  3. Popincourt Long

  4. Trocadero 27

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi everyone!

    Can you please help me choose my next bag? :yes: I don't own a med/large sized shoulder bag or any messengers so I've narrowed it down to these four. Basically I just need a bag that can hold more than a pochette, and a bag in which I can shop "hands free".

    All of these choices I've found on ebay...which is great because I can't afford to pay retail at the moment :shame: I've got my azur speedy on it's way in Nov, as well as the azur mini pochette (nov) and maybe an inclusion/pastille accessory in the next month or so that ive saved up for....

    so please share your opinions and let me know what you'd choose from these! Thank you!!!:flowers:

    shoulder bag:
    croissant gm
    coussin gm

    popincourt long
    trocadero 27
    CroissantGM.jpg mono coussin gm $800.jpg mono popncourt long $810.jpg mono trocadero 27 $840.jpg
  2. I think the croissant gm looks like the roomiest and most comfortable of the four you posted. But I also think the popincourt long is really pretty.
  3. Personally I like the popincourt long mainly because I have a popincourt myself!
  4. The popincourt long is REALLLY bar-like.....not very chic to me.....I voted for the Trocadero....(2nd would be coussin)
  5. i would choose the popincourt long.......i only have a popincourt but then i think it's more feminine than the trocadero..
  6. I really love the croissant gm. I think it will be great for holding a ot of things. Well at least that is the impression I get from the pics. But any you choose, all of them are pretty!
  7. i agree the pop is more feminine...I think I may lean towards that one!
  8. The PL is the most sophisticated of these choices, IMO.
  9. i vote for Trocadero.. =)
  10. I vote for Croissant gorgeous and functional
    Popincourt Long is cute but not comfortable, IMO.
  11. I vote for the Popincourt also...great style...Good luck with your decision.

  12. You know which one I chose :smile:
  13. I've chosen Croissant GM.;)
  14. I vote Croissant GM
  15. I voted for croissant GM- it's a great bag and will hold it's value because it's discontinued.