Can you please help? Should I buy this Chanel boy?

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  1. Should I get this Chanel boy for $5500 Canadian or 4105 US. Condition like brand new. Used once. The owner said this combo is very rare and it’s hard to find, so it’s slightly more expensive? Does Chanel boy hold it’s value? Thanks so much!

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  2. I just got that one month ago in the US for 4900 + tax. Not sure how rare it is....
  3. I mean, when I bought mine the SA was like "ITS RARE, this combo is gonna be gone in a better get it if you want it...."
    I feel like they just say that :P
    I bought it maybe I'm the sucker lol. I do love it!
  4. Maybe it’s hard to find in Canada? I am not sure but They said it’s a rare combo. Lol
  5. I went and look at it. It looks brand new!
  6. Sellers always try to make it sound rare so you pay more. The boy doesn’t hold its value very well except the mermaid edition. In my opinion you could get it second hand in the same condition a lot cheaper but if you’re willing to spend this much it’s best that you get it from the chanel store. My store basically always has this exact combo in stock so it’s definitely not rare.
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  7. That REV on the tag means it isn't seasonal, it is available year round. This is not a rare bag. (As someone mentioned though, maybe it is rare in Canada? It is available in the US)

    Boy does NOT hold its value.
  8. Just get it brand new at the boutique. That’s not a rare combo.
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  9. I got a rare boy , the bi coloured red and black rhw in calfskin! Only 1 came to Canada and mine I got in vegas! Black caviar rhw is not rare, i see them a lot..,haute classics consignment. Bi coloured..never!
  10. It might depend on which side of the country you're on. I can't speak for the east, but at least out west, I wanted that exact color combo last year and was told it was out of stock in Vancouver and Calgary, and they had no idea if/when it would come in again, potentially not for months. While it's a classic color combo and leather, I feel like Vancouver doesn't stock the classics as much as seasonal items. So if you're pressed to find this exact combo soon, I wouldn't count on finding it retail out here.

    (Having said that, isn't that still an atrociously high price for a pre-loved bag?)
  11. If its in totally new condition, you would still be saving 1000$ and can stop searching/ spend more time on it. Which is also worth something.....
  12. I agree with what others have said - I wouldn't say its a rare combo because I do think it's part of Chanel's 'classic' / continuous line. Maybe the seller meant it's hard to find given the popularity of this caviar + ruth. hardware combo.

    If the condition is excellent, you're saving a reasonable (in your opinion) amount of money - then I say go for it! I think the debate is whether you're willing to wait for it to be available in stores to buy brand new, knowing they don't get tons in shipment regularly so it'll be a matter of chance to find in stores.
  13. Right? I’m living in Toronto. It’s the same case here. It’s hard to get your hands on it. Plus I don’t have any sa or time to go check the stores all the time.
  14. I picked it up yesterday. It’s in a brand new condition. Some stickers and tags are still there. I’m in Canada. They don’t restock or have much selections as in the states. I hardly ever go shopping because I’m always busy with work and my son. The owner bought it in October 2018. I checked the series, it’s the 2018 collection. Thanks for all your help.
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