Can you please help me!!

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  1. I just bought one weekender bag yesterday but i dont know what is the name of this colour? thank you for your help
  2. Hi~ Possibly Truffle, but could you show a picture of the tag or tell me the letter on the tag. And maybe a better picture to clearly see the color of the leather.
  3. don't know but your doggy's adorable! :love:
  4. Can't tell, can you get a better picture of it??
  5. Yeah Love your Pom, my sister has a pom called Charlie:graucho:
  6. this is the colour, thank
  7. I looks like Marron or Cafe to me.
  8. omg cutest dog ever!
  9. Can't really tell clearly as the pic is not that u have a close-up pic of ur bag? it will be helpful if you can post it here~we will try to figure wat's the color...:smile:
  10. I would say Cafe, but need a closer peek!
  11. doesn't it look like truffle? it's not dark enough to be cafe...

    take a pic of the tag, front and back, and do you have the paper tag? the one that says the year? that would help :P

    it's really a beauty, no matter what color!
  12. cute! fiatflux is right, open the link she posted and u can find out the right name of the colour

  13. Yeah it's still to hard to tell in your photos. Look at your silver tag and find the letter that follows the numbers in the second row on the tag. Then go to naffs site as suggested here, and find the season that matches your letter. Once you know the season you can look at the swatches to see which color matches your bag. You can see here on this tag it is A, which stands for 2005 Spring collection. Or you can show a photo of your tag here and I can look it up for you. Here is the link again, and it will take you right to the color swatch page. Above the rows of swatches is where you will find the letters for each season.

  14. cute pom....s/he looks so comfy in that bbag :smile: