Can you please help me translate from German to English?

  1. Hi there,

    I bought an item from eBay from a german seller just because he said he shipped in Europe. What he did not say is that he did not speak any English at all and unfortunately I did not notice that he did not accept Paypal.

    Anyway, after many emails I I have sent him he started an unpaid item dissolution and he sent me some details I want you to translate in order to finally send him the money .

    Here is what I need you to translate:

    "Vielen Dank für die Information. Sobald wir Ihre Zahlung verbucht haben, werden wir umgehend die Ware
    versenden. Versandinformation finden Sie auf Ihrer Kundenseite. Außerdem sollte diese Unstimmigkeit
    dann automatisch geschlossen werden. Sollte dies nicht geschehen, dann informieren Sie uns bitte
    umgehend, damit wir das manuell nachholen können. Vielen Dank für Ihren Einkauf. MFG S"
    Selectronica GmbHKontonummer: Bankleitzahl: Bankname: Deutsche Bank FrankfurtEuropaüberweisung: IBAN:IC/SWIFT-Code: Thank you so much for your help in advance:tup: :heart::heart:
  2. Here you go!
    Thank you for the information. As soon as we your payment
    , become we booked immediately the commodity
    dispatch. You find dispatch information on their
    Customer side. In addition this discrepancy should
    then to be closed automatically. This should not
    happened, then you inform us please
    immediately, so that we can retrieve that manually.
    Thank you for your purchase. MFG S "
    Selectronica GmbH account number: Bank code number:
    Bank name: Deutsche Bank Frankfurt European transfer:
    IBAN: IC/Swift code:

    In future you can use Google translation : :smile:
  3. Thank you so much KaiieCHANEL!
  4. it's something like..

    thank you very much for the information. as soon as we've received your payment we will despatch your item immediately. you will find shipping information on our customer site. additionally, this discrepancy (unpaid item dispute i assume?) should be closed immediately. should this not happen, then please inform us immediately since we can do it manually. thank you very much for your purchase.

    and then the bank details..
  5. I am so sorry I have to ask this but can you also translate this:

    Empfänger:Sendung ins AuslandStatus:Sendung hat das Gateway im Zielland verlassenStatus von:19.09.07 10:11Vorgang:Sendung hat das Gateway im Zielland verlassen[​IMG]
    I would really appreciate it KaiieCHANEL and annanas amd ofcourse any other lovely pfer!
  6. Receiver: Shipment to an international country
    Status: The shipment was released from the Gateway in the buyer's destination (it actually says goal country, but I couldn't figure out an appropriate english word for it)

    Status from. 19 Sept. 2007 10.11 am
    Process: The shipment was released from the Gateway in the "goal country"
  7. Thank you lamiastella! By the way, do you have any Greek roots because: Lamia is a Greek city and Stella is a very common Greek name.
  8. No greek roots :smile: 1/2 American (dad) and 1/2 German (mom)

    My husband once wrote me a love letter, and at the end wrote:

    "Tu sei una stella, la mia stella"

    which means you are a star, my star in Italian. :love: So after that, I just used "lamiastella" (put together since most websites don't allow spaces) as a username :biggrin:

  9. That is so romantic:heart: lamiastella!
  10. Now another favor because I actually received the item and it was damaged and I do not know what to do . Please help me again to translate the return policy:

    Verbraucher haben das Recht, den Artikel unter den angegebenen Bedingungen zurückzugeben.[​IMG][​IMG]
  11. Customers have the right to return the article under the stated terms :smile:
  12. Just got back to this thread! Taking a look at it now :biggrin:
  13. Okay, based on what they state on their about me page that I was linked to while reading their website, this is what it says:

    Your rights:

    You have the right to return the item within 1 month of the date you were informed of the return policy (must have been in the packing slip or something) without reason. You may proceed by writing in text form (email, letter, etc) that you will be returning the product, or you can send it directly back to them. To inform them that you will be returning, you can email them here: or you can send them a letter here: Selectronica GmbH, Hanauer Landstr. 523, 60386 Frankfurt am Main

    Dang...the second part is a bit tricky! Okay, basically it's saying that if the merchandise costs less than 40 EUR, you must pay the postage to send it back to them. Part 2 is a bit tricky for me and I've got to sit and think about it for a moment.

    Otherwise, return postage is free. THe last part doesn't apply to you since it is able to be sent via package :smile: