Can you Please help me find a Headband!!!!

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  1. ooops, not allowed here!
  2. I think the brown is near impossible to find. I've heard the red and lilac, but not the brown being in some outlets...
  3. yea i havent heard anything of the brown

    the red i was able to pick up some for me and a few others on fri at the outlet in ny but they wont ship!? :sad: and they only had like 2 left on fri and its too far from me to go back im SO sorry!!!!

    it was so stupid of me i should have just bought all of them but i posted up about them a few nights before i went there and so i just didnt think anyone else wanted them
    SOOOOO SORRY!!! :sad:

    keep checking eBay tho cause i know someone saw a red one on there today it ended this morning, but im sure there will be more!!

    (you could try calling the outlet i had gone to woodbury commons) if you know anyone in NY and they have one maybe you can have them pick it up,,, :sad: ?
  4. I'm going to the Freeport outlet first thing tomorrow morning (new floorset will be out up here)!
    I will keep my eyes open for the headbands since I want one too!
    I'll report back tomorrow afternoon with my findings!
  5. :upsidedown: have fun at the outlet tomorrow!! wish i was going, and were crossing our fingers you find some headbands!
  6. Thanks, Erica!

    Knowing how rare the headbands are and how much everyone wants one, I'll probably scoop them all up if there are any! LOL!:graucho:
  7. hey guys, you can help each other out with which outlets have them, etc. but there is NO soliciting for buying/selling!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.