Can you PLEASE help me authenticate this Hermes Kelly?

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  1. Hi all !! I know we've all been taken by someone assuring us the authenticity of their Hermes. I have been more than twice. This seller has guaranteed the bag ( Ebay will cover it but just went through that) - It seems to look correct other than the fact that the details are a bit hard to see in the pics and it has silver hardware which means it's not that old (when did they start making them with silver hardware??) - Anyway, I've asked her to email me the pics directly to me but for you aficionados perhaps you can tell. (She agreed to sell it for 3400 US and said a friend bought it directly from Hermes)
    I'd really appreciate your input before I paypal her.
  2. Thanks for the advice but I tried to and it would not let me. is there someone specific I can send the link to that really knows their stuff?
  3. You need to click on that link and post a reply at the bottom. That's where all the Hermes experts are and will answer your question.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.