Can you please have a look at this Large Chain Bag? Thx

  1. Could someone have a look at this bag that I pruchased & give me their opinion? Thanks so much
    gucci bag3.jpg gucci bag2.jpg gucci bag.jpg
  2. Hi there,
    Am I not doing this correctly- it's my 1st time? thx
  3. ^Click on the link I provided. That is thread for all authenticity questions. You can also find the thread as a sticky at the very top of the subforum.
  4. I do not see an area for a "new thread" I can only find a way to post a reply.

    Sorry for being a pain.
  5. You just need to post your question as a reply on that thread. It is just one thread for all authenticity questions.
  6. The way I see it, I would just order these items from the Gucci site, a reputable site like Blue Fly Saks and Neiman Marcus or just go to the actual Gucci store. Its way too hard to determine whether items are real or fake on eBay or anywhere else. Not to mention ppl tend to show the image of a real bag but then ship you the fake one. Just wait till you can afford to make the big purchase and get the real deal even if you have to spend $1295 for one bag. But look at it this way the Gucci Chain is def. a you really cant go wrong. I am saving to purchase mine as well!