Can you please give me some insights to this shade of yellow?

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  1. I love yellows that have a hint of green in them. If you own this color, please tell me what you pair it with and what undertones it has. Pics would be awesome!!!

    I would have to get it authenticated and it's ridiculously overpriced but here's a pic of one on ebay that I think would look so chic with the right outfit (but i'll probably pass at anywhere near this price).

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  2. I have this patent yellow in jumbo. It does have a green undertone. I think it can be paired with various colors like black, blue, charcoal, grey, white and etc.
    It's my HG yellow :hbeat:

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  3. wow i love it! so glad to hear it has green undertones. i'm trying to decide if I should get a fun pop of color or first invest in classic pieces. i'm just so drawn to this color.
  4. Lovely yellow! I would pursue it if I were you.
  5. Hi jubes, I also own this lovely yellow dazzler in the jumbo size. It's one of those magical yellows, trust me! I am a collector of colorful bags and I've been on the hunt for years for just the right shade. I agree with Bother free with all the color options you have to pair it up with. I can get s little crazy with my colors, I live in South FL so the brighter the better, so I love it with turquoise, Aqua, many fun options!!! 💖
  6. Hi! Oh my gosh, I live in S. FL too (grew up here and just moved back a couple months ago)! So funny, maybe that's why we're drawn to this :lol: It's such a fun and happy color just like Florida.
  7. Oh wow! 💛 Your right, it is a happy & fun color like FL!
  8. I think its a lovely color. I'm a big fan of colorful accessories too. This yellow is TDF! I hope it checks out in the authentication process, and you can get the price down to where you need it.

    I think all the work would be worth it to get this beauty! :sunshine:
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