Can you place an order without being there?

  1. I am considering placing an order in Paris. Unfortunately, I am unable to go there until December. Is placing an order possible without going to the desired location (via wire transfers, etc.)?
  2. I think you need to be there in person. I have been told "we are not allowed to talk about Birkins on the telephone" when I called the new Wall Street store. Not sure if it's universal policy, but...
  3. Yes, you need to be there in person. Don't worry. December is just a few weeks away!
  4. I have only been allowed to do so in person (but I am far from a VIP so I don't know if the rules are different for others)
  5. Any chance you could send someone to represent you? Then it should work. I can believe that two months feels like eternity.. :p
  6. I have similar problems, my relative will do the pick up, whilst just to be sure I intend to place an order and pay in advance. If this isn't possible, perhaps anybody knows a way like, a service provided by an independent company/person to place an order in advance?
  7. What? You HAVE to be there??? I have three Kellys.....all have been ordered on the phone since I live so far from the boutique that I buy from mostly. I'm from the scarf collectors' groups......this is my first visit to your Forum and am shocked to hear this. I find that it's far better to patronize one boutique mostly.,...and if they DO know you in person (when you are visiting from where you live where there is NO H boutique), this can be done.

    It all depends on your being known as their client, who the store director is (his or her own rules and regulations that day) and heaven knows what else...


  8. ^ I believe the Ladies are referring specifically to Paris, and ordering over the telephone if they are not familiar with you. Several of the Ladies who responded ARE frequent visitors of the FSH store, and would know the policies there.
  9. I think you have to visit the FSH stores & make purchases for a few times before they allow you to order via phone. To put it in a simple way, the store must get to know you first.