Can you pay for bags in advance?

  1. If you waitlist for something from Spring/Summer 07 collection, can you pay in full in advance? I want to pay for it now and get that part of the process over with!
  2. Not in my store they wouldn't take money in advance but always call me when the bags come in.
  3. I don't think they can charge you until it's ready to be shipped.
  4. Darn, ok.
  5. Actually I get a recite for waitlisting with the prices, but don't have to pay. =P So I woulden't be surprised if you could. Just ask.
  6. you can purchase a store credit and have them store it in their vault for you...
  7. They wanted my credit card info (just the info I believe) to place me on a higher priority list for Rivete.
  8. hmmm. i wish you could do that now!
    i want my vavin gm while my mom is still in the mood to get it for me. lol.
  9. No, they can only charge when it's released.
  10. ^Yes, they don't charge your cc until the item is released.
  11. Good idea!
  12. Didnt know you could do that!
  13. what is the monogram Rivete bag?