Can you pass the third grade?

  1. I'm not an American and got a 42/48! The east coast states messed me up!
  2. man i suck. lol
  3. I got them all :biggrin:
  4. ...Wait. I got a 48/48 but they're telling me the short bus is coming to get me :sad:
  5. I got 30/48, my time ran out.
  6. 28/48 and i'm canadian hehe..

    and how is that a fail? it's 58%. That's a D+!
  7. For some reason the website won't pull up for me. :sad: I'm curious to know my score.
  8. I got 48/48 but I'm still riding the short bus :choochoo:
  9. I was perfect :nuts: . But then again I've always been a geography freak. The only ones I didn't get on the first try were the midwestern states :Push: Hey, why is the short bus still coming for me? :crybaby:
  10. wow. i think i need to repeat my geography.
  11. I got 38:lol:
  12. I got 48/48 and it just said did I want to play again!
  13. ^ That happened to me too... I did it twice just to be sure.
  14. Yay, I got a 48/48, I love geography!!! When I was in third grade, my teacher made us memorize every single state, and capital, or else we wouldn't have reccess.