Can you order a Speedy from France?

  1. I was told by my SA that Speedy's are made only in the USA (for the USA supply). She said the only way to obtain a "French" Speedy was to buy it in France. Is that true? Would LV do a Special Order for a French Speedy?
  2. Oh! Me to, me to, I want to know too! That would be lovely. (Sorry I don't have an answer.)
  3. hmm...
  4. No actually I don't think you can! Hope I'm mistaken...
    European countries can transfer bags between them but they don't have an online directory for availability etc...
    So imagine US...
    It would be a mess if you were trying to track something limited for example!
    You can always ask your LV!
    BTW why buy french...? I'm sure american ones are perfect as well...
    The only way is to buy someone for you and send it!
  5. I would have thought that French Speedys would be shipped over to cope with demand etc.?? But, I don't know about actually ordering one. Best thing is to ask the store to check each and every one to see if its made in france. I am in the UK though, so I'm just guessing. But, we get made in spain and made in france over here...
  6. sorry to ask... but what is the difference between french and usa speedy???????????
  7. my azure says made in france and my mono says USA I dont get it
  8. How about boutique in Canada? I thought here the LV bags are made in France as well?
  9. My mono 25 says Made in France.
  10. Last year, my cousin purchased a Mono Speedy 25 from Eluxury, and it was made in france
  11. Nothing. Some people prefer them because they are made in the homeland of Vuitton.. honestly, it doesn't make any difference.

    And to the OP - there are made in France bags available in the US, it may be harder to find.
  12. I also like the bags "made in France" Think that is where they originated. Also, when a bag is first released the bags are always made there.
    I am trying to find an azur speedy 30 made in France, did not buy the bag when first released and have been looking since last summer for one with no luck
  13. 80% of the speedies sold in US are produced in US. The remaining 20% are made in Spain and France, mostly France. I got a speedy from eluxury just recently and its made in France. If you wish one made in France, you need to go to LV boutique in person and request one made from France, they will check their inventory for you and see if they can oblige. Good Luck!
  14. If i am a gal, my speedy would ONLY be from FRANCE adn no where else..:yes::tup:
  15. All my speedies are from France. I just went to the boutique and requested made in France ones. I prefer it - it's silly, I just do. My Batignolles Horizontals are all from France too. You can get them; you might just have to be patient and wait a few weeks for your SA to hunt them up, but it's very possible. My new Damier Alma is from France too - that was luck of the draw as it was a gift.