Can you name this purse?

  1. My campus ministry director lost her favorite purse and our group would like to get her a new one for Christmas. If you can tell what it is from the picture (link below), please post!


    Louisville KY
  2. There is no link from what I see. Please post again.
  3. By "link", I meant the picture attached to the message. Sorry.

  4. That's very sweet of your group to want to replace her lost purse! It's quite hard to tell what kind of purse that is. I'm so sorry I can't be of better help. Good luck!
  5. That's such a nice idea! It looks like the shape of a Longchamp tote to me but it doesn't seem to have the little flap over the top. Hopefully someone else will have some idea.

    Edited to add: Here's a picture of the kind I'm thinking of - Longchamp nylon foldable tote.
  6. Thank you for the response. It does look close, but the handles look a little thicker than that. Maybe it's a discontinued model by the same company... but I'm a guy though.. what do I know.

    Thanks again
  7. not an exact match but it reminds me of the vera bradley my sis and my mom both bought
  8. Yes, it is hard to tell from that pic, but I don't think it is a "designer" bag. The closest I agree is Longchamp. Sorry we can't help.
  9. It actually looks like it might be wool to me.
  10. Thank you all for all the help. I think what I will do is copy the names of the companies down and write an email to the companies to see if it is in fact one of theirs. Of course, if any one else wants to jump in and give some guesses, I will take all.

    By the way, I thought I would also add that I am single. What better place for a guy to post that than in a purse forum? :roflmfao: You can find my profile here.

    - Carson
  11. It's definitely not a Longchamp, current or older.
  12. CArson, you're hilarious. I hope you find the bag. I bet she would appreciate it even your group bought her one in the same style, if it's not a perfect match. It will have a new special meaning!