Can you name this bag ???

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  1. Can you name this bag ?
    Or at least can you guys guess what kind clone is it ??
    Is there such a thing LV beaded bag like this ??? lol

    Louis Vuitton 'Signature' Beaded Handbag (20cm high, 30cm wide.) A fabulous and 100% genuine item (bought in Selfridges for 320...) Beaded on both sides, with the Louis Vuitton name across the design in beads. LV monogrammed lining and leather name tag, plus LV monogrammed zip pulls. New, without tag. In as new condition - bought, but never used.

    Yeah...I wonder why ???
  2. not exact but there was a limited bag called the francis that had a beaded monogram
  3. Eeeeekkk... me no like!
  4. ekkk.
  5. I name it "fakenstein" What a combo, yuk!
  6. the bag looks like a beaded Graffiti Lussac. and honestly, i think that's not such a bad idea. if LV made it, it will definitely be finer and more detailed. SO much better than maxi-sized Multicolour Mink!

    they've actually made a tiny sling bag that's entirely beaded called Monogram Perle back in 2000. it even appeared in an episode of Sex and the City hanging on Samantha's shoulder.
  7. :shocked:
  8. That bag is a hot mess. The fact the seller is private says a lot.
  9. Hmmm...FAKE! lol but cute tho