can you name the designer of Jessica Simpson's new bag?

  1. [​IMG]

    :biggrin: Thanks !!
  2. That looks like a bag from Marc Jacobs new line.
  3. I personally love that bag; I know there was a discussion about it on the other forum where many people gave it a thumbs down, but I think it is a classy bag.
  4. I saw it at Neiman and LOVED it!!!!!!!!
  5. She looks A+
  6. ..seems like she is back to her old self again! go jess!:lol:
  7. what a cute bag - I like it in the chocolate colour
  8. ooooooh. she looks so cute there! i'm feeling that bag now. :smile:
  9. Thanks everybody !
    Can you now tell me this one?!

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