Can you name Rachel Bilsons bag!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hello guys,
    I was surfing, and I saw a picture of Rachel Bilson carrying this beautiful bag!!! Do you know what is the name, and from what designer????? I know you guys can help me out!!!!!!! :heart: :heart:
  2. Zac Posen!!! Can't believe I knew that! I was expecting some Kooba something I never heard of :lol:

    Oh, and according to Vouge August, it's $1400
  3. ^thank you sooo much Khoi! Is there a website or something to see bag information.
  4. She's fabulous-
  5. that's one funky bag in a good way! Little too structured for me - those heels though are TDF!!! she's the cutest thing ever.
  6. :upsidedown:
    rachel-bilson-hot-pictures02.jpg rachel-bilson-hot-pictures04.jpg rachel-bilson-hot-pictures05.jpg rachel-bilson-hot-pictures10.jpg rachel-bilson-hot-pictures15.jpg
  7. LOVE the bag!!! She is so adorable!!!
  8. Love the bag, dress, and shoes!
  9. The bag looks too boxy but I love her outfit + the shoes.
  10. Gorgeous Bag, Gorgeous Dress, Gorgeous Rachel! lol!
  11. love her style! soo much more interesting than rachel zoe's clones
  12. She looks good in those pics.
  13. Pretty bag! Kinda reminds me of the LV Suhali line.
  14. could she get any :censor: cuter!!!! great hair, clothes, shoes & bag.
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