Can you mix MC white and black...

  1. I saw a pick where the bag was black MC and cles was white that okay or is it tacky...if you go with black you acessorize with black vice versa...not sure if the go or not...I have never seen them IRL...:confused1: what do experienced MC wearer's think???
  2. I love that idea. Was thinking that a white MC agenda or cles would cool inside my black Lodge and inside the Brentwood too. I love mixing and matching, it's kinda what i do....
  3. Yup ITA with Veronika...I think it would be really cute as long as you didn't have, say, a black MC bag and 6 white MC accessories in it!! :smile:
  4. great idea :smile:
  5. I love mixing! I don't mix on purpose, it's just that I mix because I happen to own them that way. For instance, I have a black mc clés for my car keys, and it looks fabulous when I use it with my white mc speedy. Of course it goes best with my black mc alma, but I'll also use it with my mono bags! Mixing is a great way of being versatile and it also has a way of cheering you up, coz you feel like owning a wide range of LV stuff! :supacool:
  6. I personally think it would look great, but it's really just a matter of personal preference. I don't think that a white MC scarf/bandeau would look that great on a black MC bag though and vice versa, though I'm only imagining it in my head and things look different IRL.
  7. I think it looks good. I used my black wrapity with my white MC bags.
  8. I think it'd look fine. :yes:
  9. I like mixing up accessories, but agree too much of one thing looks overwhelming.
    I love the white MC with vernis or vice versa. Looks fabulous IMO!
    Hey, I'm getting great ideas for spring from this thread, thanks LVpug!:P
  10. Why not mix them?
  11. I think it is fun to mix. I say yes to mix black and white MC
  12. It looks cool when you see other colors/textures pop out. Otherwise it becomes too Matchey Matchey!!!
  13. I use my white MC wallet with my black MC speedy...don't give a hoot what people think, as long as I like it and feel good using them, it's my money and my bag and my accessories :smile: I alwasy remember seeing this lady in a mall wearing a pink suit with pink shoes, pink purse, pink painted nails, pink earrings....ala Pink Panther! <shudders>
  14. You're too funny!!! LOL...I love mixing it up and love the vernis line with the MC line..sooo nice together...pops of colour!!!
  15. Sounds very good :yes: