Can you mix designers??

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Can you mix designers (i.e. sig prints)

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. It Depends

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  1. I am wondering if it is too tacky to mix in signature prints...such as gucci tote and coach handbag...or a gucci or the signatures prints clash you think?? or is just a no no.
  2. Even one logo print is too much for me.
  3. Honestly I don't understand the question.
    Do you mean putting a logo wallet in a different logo bag?
  4. carrying a logo tote bag, and another logo small purse
  5. I've carried my LV wallet in my Ferragamo bag, but normally I do stick with one visible logo item. I won't even mix my LV bag with an Hermes "H" bracelet.
  6. I don't wear more than one logo item, even if it is from the same designer.
  7. I have absolutely no problem mixing designers. I just wear what I feel like wearing. In fact my bags and wallets rarely match. Today I'm carrying a Dolce and Gabbana bag with non-matching wallet and coin purse inside.
  8. Same. I think that's just too much. But I mix designers in general all the time. I much prefer mixing to matching.
  9. My coach wallet goes in whatever bag I want to carry. I don't have a problem with mix and match.
  10. I very often carry an LT tote with a TODS Miky, TODS drivers, TODS wallet, Chanel checkbook, and Chanel sunnies in a Coach eyeglass case.
    No big logos on any of them so it's okay.
  11. You can wear different designers at the same time....
    Just as long- as only 1 of them is a signature fabric..The outcome of wearing more then 1 signature fabric at the same time is just a dizzing disaster IMO
  12. I personally don't like signature prints anyway...but I definitely wouldn't mix them among designers..IMO that's a bit tacky
  13. i wouldn't mix them at the same time on purpose
  14. Imo, it's a definite no-no!

    It looks as if one is trying way too hard!

    If carrying a logo tote, then carry a plain small purse (could be the same designer, but in plain leather) or vice versa, but two same designer logo bags or even different designer logo bags together, just looks yuck, imo!!!
  15. :nogood:No no