Can you mention Bonanzle listing through a message on Ebay?


Oct 29, 2007
Hi, I had someone interested in a bag I have listed on Ebay (I do not have in in my listing that the bag is on Bonanzle). The potential buyer asked through a message "what my best price would be". This is what I was thinking of responding with, but I do not want to get in trouble:

Hi, the best price I can do on Ebay is $1400, due the the fees I would be paying here. I also have the bag listed on Bonanzle, but I cannot discuss details here. Thanks!

Ebay has a rule that you cannot make "offers" to sell items outside of Ebay. Stating this is not making an offer. What do you guys think? Will I get in trouble with the Bay??


Jul 4, 2006
I dont see anything wrong with that myself, I would probably do it but I wouldnt put it in the actual listing. Although I have stated in the listing before that I have the item listed in other places as well so if it sells there first I will end the listing, just so people are aware that it may disappear if they are watching it. Ive never had an auction pulled for putting that in. Ebay may see it differently I dont know but its not like youre giving out all the details and offering to sell it through another source your just mentioning that its listed there.
I dont think it would be a problem.


Apr 11, 2006
Washington DC metro
I've done it but some buyer still seem nervous about Bonanzle and have preferred to buy on ebay instead at a higher price. I haven't had any problems from ebay about it (yet).
I did get listings removed and also an actual call from ebay (that I never returned) when I put the Bonanzle link to my booth in my listings ( I know I should have known better). But after the reprimand I do mention that I am a Bonanzle member just as I mention that I am a TPF member and they do not seem to have an issue with that (so far).
Jan 3, 2009
The True North
You can't message her back with the info through eBay since that is violating their policies, but you can just respond to the message from your email inbox, instead of through eBay and tell the potential buyer that way.