Can You Match The Bling To Their Celebrity Owners ??

  1. Engagement Rings
    by Lindsey Unterberger
    What girl doesn't dream of the perfect engagement ring? Whether it's a princess cut or pretty-in-pink, diamonds really are a girl's best friend — and to celebrities it's no exception. For the A-list, bigger is still better, but a plain, old humongous rock doesn't cut it anymore. When J.Lo planned to wed Ben Affleck, she sported a 6-carat radiant-shaped pink diamond. During Paris Hilton's brief engagement to Paris Latsis, she scored a 24-carat emerald-cut diamond. And Catherine Zeta-Jones's marriage to Michael Douglas was highlighted with a 10-carat marquise ring. Can you match the rings in these photos, some of the most talked-about star bling, to their celebrity owners?

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