Can you make a anti-social ? Help

  1. My kitty is a year old ( well almost, in April he'll be 1 ) but anyways my cat hates basically anybody besides my mom, dad, sister, and well me of course!

    My cousins love my cat but they're all too scared to touch him because he hisses and tries to scratch anyone who touches him. He hates strangers...even if he sniffs them and if they back off and give him space to get comfortable first , so that he's not so frightened but he never quite warms up to anyone. It's so disappointing because I know it was somewhat my fault because we don't have too many people come over to our house and he's never been around too many people except for the us 4.

    therefore i was wondering is there a way i can make my anti-social cat..well more social ?

    tips, tricks, advice is welcomed!
  2. Hi there,

    The answer varies. Some people have success - some don't.
    Always talk with your vet first - and then try Feliway.
    There are several things on this site that might help - but many people have had success with the Feliway.
    Good luck to you!
  3. Our family cat of 18 years was a typical scaredy cat. She was a rescue cat from my dad's days in vet school. She was always very hesitant around people and would usually just run and hide. As she got older, she was absolutely sweet and would occasionally come over and rub against your leg or 'talk' to you. If you ever tried to pet her without letting her sniff your hand first, she would cower and then run away. She would tolerate the family, but if anyone (non- immediate family) were to come over, she'd hide under the bed and there was nothing that could be done to get her out.
  4. I have had my two cats fror 10 and 8 years, respectively and none of my friends or family have ever seen them. I live alone and when someone comes onto my front deck before anyone has even rung the doorbell the cats run and hide and they do not come out until my guests leave. I have had friends stay over for three day long weekends who have never seen my cats.
  5. All I know is my son adopted a cat 7 yrs ago and she still hides from everyone. She's a tortoise shell color--don't know if that's just a color or a breed, but I'd definitely call her anti-social.
  6. Our cat is 16. We've had him since he was a little kitten so we know he was never mistreated. He is also very anti-social. It wasn't until recently, I mean the past year, he has actually gone up to people in our house. Although, he still bites and scratches. Good luck socializing yours. Maybe you'll be more succeasful than we were.
  7. It's hard. We had one cat that we found and she hated everyone except our immediate family. Cats are very stubborn- dogs seem to be easier to re-socialize.

    Maybe give him quiet time w/ new ppl and allow him to try to get used to them? Some cats really don't have an interest in other ppl besides the one who feeds and cleans up after them though.
  8. Cats mostly socialize on their own terms, I've found - there's not much you can do to change it, and it's not your fault that they are the way they are short of some sort of abuse, so don't blame yourself! My stepmom had a little cat that absolutely refused to be handled and hid all the time - you would never know that we even had a cat. Finally she decided that she wanted to live in the garage. Strangely enough, once she made herself at home in the garage, she became more friendly. If you sat down on the garage floor, she'd come out of hiding and sit on your lap, purring and rubbing like any normal cat. She absolutely refused to come into the house anymore. It seemed completely senseless, but the cat was only comfortable in the garage. We certainly didn't make her that way, she chose her own home and her own terms for petting and socialization.
  9. Will your cat play? What if they enjoy the cat by playing with a wand toy instead of having to pet the cat? My shy dog doesn't like strangers to pet him either. Why should *strangers* get to touch your pets? I hate that people I love are strangers to my beloved dog but that is the way it is. It takes years for my shy boy to make friends, YEARS! He is much better if they play with him, take a walk, watch his cute tricks and feed him treats.

    I haven't studied cat behavior as much as dog behavior but dogs do not enjoy petting unless they are taught to enjoy it. My shy boy enjoys my petting but strangers, not so much.
  10. Is he neutered? My BFF's male cat was quite anti-social until they had him done; he's not exactly friendly now, but he is much calmer and less likely to freak out (or lash out) when people are in the house.